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Created To Perform Where Standard Waterproofing Solutions Failed.

Created To Perform Where Standard Waterproofing Solutions Failed.

The BARRIER Waterproofing & Drainage System was created solely for eliminating the root cause of why water was leaking into newly constructed homes when local waterproofing solutions from reputable distributors were not working.

This innovative system has undergone rigorous testing (as well as countless installations in homes all across Middle Tennessee!) and has been proven successful at preventing moisture from intruding into basements and crawl spaces. A high-quality, superior waterproofing solution like a BARRIER Waterproofing System doesn’t just treat the symptoms, it blocks them from manifesting in your home and causing damage.

Tennessee Homes Serviced Since 2012
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John Trusa

Managing Partner

John has been working with polymers and various plastics forming processes for more than a decade.  With his engineering degree he has served as Quality Control Manager and Engineering Manager at a plastics molding facility. He developed a background in sealants and adhesives from his years working at General Electric.

Bruce Adams

Systems Design & Project Manager

Bruce has over a decade of experience in various aspects of the real estate/construction industries. Most recently Bruce owned and operated the highest rated home inspection company in the Upper Cumberland area of TN.

Our Values

When you choose our superior services, you are choosing a TRUE solution for your home’s waterproofing woes.  Take it from John Trusa himself who is personally on the front lines of many waterproofing installations that have homeowners raving about no longer having to deal with the symptoms of moisture intrusion:

At Barrier Waterproofing, we offer interior systems as well as exterior solutions, and my customers will be informed and educated prior to making a decision. The guys that do this work solely on the inside know these homeowners have a good possibility of developing foundation issues by letting the water pass through the foundation.
But they all 'fix foundations', so they’re cool with it."

Manufactured Exclusively for BARRIER

The materials for the revolutionary BARRIER Waterproofing & Drainage System cannot be found at your local hardware store or ordered from any local waterproofing company. This is because we have created a revolutionary system that truly works to keep your basement or crawl space protected from intruding moisture.
There are plenty of DIY tutorials and information out there online today. However, without the proper expertise and experience to install a professional waterproofing system, the work that is done could very easily end up having been a waste of time and money.
Trust your local professional waterproofing service company at BARRIER to perform an installation that we guarantee to work for many years to come.

BARRIER was awarded the prestigious Best Basement Service Of Nashville Area businesses.

Recognized by the Tennessean of the USA Today network, during the Community Choice Awards 2021 on December 9th, 2021, BARRIER was awarded the top spot for basement service companies. Two additional local finalists ranked in the same category. The Best Basement Service Award was selected by results from a voting poll taken by the Nashville public. We thank you for your support!

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We Help Make Your Home A Better Place To Live

As an informative, highly responsible, and innovative company that specializes in Basement and Crawl Space Waterproofing & Foundation Repair.

We commit to properly controlling the common moisture intrusion issues you are experiencing inside and outside your home. It is our goal to help further increase the quality of your family’s living environment with local Professional Waterproofing Experts in Tennessee.

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