our dehumidifiers seal the deal for crawl space humidity

How much moisture

in crawl space wood

is acceptable?

how much moisture in crawl space wood is acceptable?

the research-backed standard for crawl space moisture
says the ideal moisture level is between 10% to 16%

“Soak In” these extra important tips about crawl space moisture:

Mold Growth!

A level of moisture content higher than 19% supports mold growth, wood decay, and loss of structure.

Just Like Home

10% to 16% moisture content is the average range wood experiences while growing outdoors.

How High Humidity?

In a 70 degrees F crawl space, 55% to 75% humidity helps achieve wood’s natural range.

How much humidity is in my crawl space? (calculator)

common causes of crawl space moisture intrusion

Crawl Space Vents
High humidity conditions cause moisture to condensate on both cool metal and wood surfaces. This inevitably increases the moisture in the crawl spaces as well as inside the home. This means you are unlikely to have a dry crawl space during warm seasons.
Standing Water In The Crawl Space
Large amounts of water can collect in your crawl space and create the conditions for some major problems to happen. Not only can the exposed wooden structure of your home incur some damage, but your family could also deal with the ramifications of mold growth and other bacteria coming into contact with them through the air from the crawl space.
Hydrostatic Pressure
The leading cause of water reaching your crawl space is when pressure forms from an increase of water in the soil all around the foundation. Consistent, heavy rains will saturate the soil and create hydrostatic pressure that will push the water right through the unprotected walls and floor of your basement or crawl space foundation.
Poor Home Construction
Large amounts of water can also be dispersed into the foundation via clogged gutters and downspouts that are poorly directed, discharged right at the foot of the home. If your home has a window well that has been poorly installed, it can fill with water during a heavy rain. This will cause the water to seep into your basement or crawl space foundation.

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This Aprilaire dehumidifier has a filtration system that will capture any airborne allergens that might still be present in the crawlspace.  This comes with an Energy Star rating and one of the lowest per pint costs for Crawl space dehumidification. Ask the experts at Barrier Waterproofing Systems to size a unit that will create a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.

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