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Waterproofing your basement can be done using several different methods, but first, what are some warning signs that your basement is having water problems?

It is our goal at Barrier Waterproofing Systems to help you choose a system that best fits your needs. No matter what water issue your basement or crawl space is having, we can find a solution!

Many homeowners combat moisture intrusion.

The fight against intruding water can often seem like a losing battle.
Read through these Most Common Causes Of A Wet Basement to
learn more about what is really happening beneath your home!

Inadequate Drainage & Improper Installation

All interior or exterior drainage systems must be properly functioning to prevent moisture from seeping into your basement. Professional drainage systems will ensure that water can move away from the house efficiently.

Inadequate Grading / Poor Sloping

Unsightly grading can also cause water to seep into your basement. If the soil around your foundation isn't sloped away from your house, water will pool against the wall and cause flooding. Moreover, improperly compacted fill dirt will cause water to flow toward your home's foundation.

Defective Gutter & Downspout System

A defective gutter or clogged downspout system can be a cause of a wet basement. If your gutters are too small, the downspout could be too close to the foundation, causing water to seep into the basement. You should have at least one downspout per 50 feet to ensure adequate drainage.

Excessive Condensation

Condensation is the result of cool basement walls meeting warm moist air. A common issue in most basements, it will make your basement clammy and cause wood to rot. It can also encourages a humid environment that promotes pest infestations.

Do you feel damp in your basement or hear dripping but cannot identify the source of any leaking? Has your floor presented with cracking that looks troublesome? Answering yes to questions like these can signal a need for professional basement waterproofing services.

↓ Do You See These Common Signs of Basement Water Problems? ↓
Interior Waterproofing moisture intrusion wet basement

Wet Basement Floors

Standing water on your basement floors is not only a hazard, but a direct sign of a moisture intrusion issue! Capable of causing negative health effects and safety concerns, water entering your basement spells trouble. Fortunately, we have a solution!

Foundation Crack Damage Repair

Concrete Cracking

If there are cracks present, and they are large or have a ragged appearance, the problem may be rooted in the foundation. If the cracks extend into the walls or the ceiling, this could be a sign that the foundation is weakened. Professional evaluation is recommended.

Dry Rot

High humidity and leaks around supply lines can create the perfect environment for wood rot fungi. A musty smell may indicate that you have wood rot. The odor will increase in strength and intensity as it spreads throughout the house. 

Mold Growth

Some common signs of a wet basement are black or green mold, discoloration, or a musty smell. If you see clusters of mold growing, you may need a professional to help identify the severity of your mold infestation. Mold symptoms can also be the result of ceiling leaks.

BARRIER Specializes in all Basement, Crawl Space, and Foundation Repair Solutions!

Interior drainage systems footer drain

Interior Waterproofing

Interior basement waterproofing is a water management system. The cost to do interior waterproofing is much less and will manage wet conditions within your basement. Interior systems don’t however always eliminate every aspect of the deteriorating effects of water on your home’s structure.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior basement waterproofing is the permanent solution to water problems in your basement. This type of system will completely eliminate leaky basements and is backed by our Lifetime Guarantee.

French Drain Trench Drain Interior Drainage System Comparison

Trench & French Drains

French and trench drains manage the proper drainage of water away from your home. Basically, these waterproofing systems deter as much water from reaching the foundation of your home therefore reducing the ability for water to enter your basement or crawl space.


Sump Pump Systems

A sump pump is a submersible pump that is designed for the purpose of eliminating accumulating water. Excess water is accumulated in a tank and the sump pump will push it to the outside of the home when the level rises to a certain amount.

Basement Dehumidifier

A basement or crawl space dehumidifier unit works do the specific job of making a humid environment more arid and clear. A dehumidification system will not work effectively unless it is installed in a properly sealed environment.

Rated the #1 Top Basement Service Company in Nashville, TN, you can rest assured our expert technicians will work with integrity.

Do you Think You Have A Wet Basement or Crawl Space Problem? Contact BARRIER Today for a FREE local waterproofing consultation today in Middle Tennessee. Enjoy premium services with a Lifetime Guarantee when you choose us to solve and repair your moisture intrusion issues.

Have you seen any of the warning signs or symptoms of moisture intrusion found on this page around your home lately? One of our expert technicians will arrive at your home and perform a professional evaluation of the basement or crawl space foundation of your home.

Other contractors will claim their waterproofing solutions are the best. Our company guarantees our systems for a lifetime, standing behind our superior designed and developed systems with high-quality products manufactured exclusively for BARRIER’s customers. Just ask any of our satisfied homeowners that can now enjoy a higher quality of life!

Transferable Warranties

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Basement Waterproofing services
Exterior Waterproofing During New Construction VS Damp Proofing

We Will Help You Weigh the Advantages & Disadvantages

We Will Help You Weigh the Advantages & Disadvantages

Are you concerned about wet basement problems? Warning signs like musty odors, water stains, and even mold growth can occur after only 24 hours of a significant amount of water intrusion! If you notice any of the signs we previously mentioned, it is beneficial to schedule an evaluation before any problems can worsen.

Not sure which system will solve the wet basement problem your home has? Meet with our Tennessee basement waterproofing experts and we will explain the differences between each system. We will evaluate your situation, and together, will determine the solution that will best meet your needs.


While we highly recommend an Exterior Waterproofing system that creates an impenetrable barrier around your foundation, an Interior Waterproofing system will also do the job to keep water off your home’s important structures. Simply put, the most effective method is to seal the foundation on the outside, while getting water off the foundation as quickly as you can.

Unlike an exterior system, an interior system allows water to pass through to the foundation and collect in a series of drains where it is pumped outside the home. Of course, if nothing is done about intruding water, you are going to be left with a deteriorated foundation that will cost a lot of money to fix.


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Unlike interior waterproofing, this process involves digging around your house to the base of the foundation walls. Next, a waterproof coating is applied to the foundation walls and finished with drainage panels. Once the coating is dry, drainage panels are installed to carry water away from the house. Exterior waterproofing usually requires a professional contractor for completing the project accurately and efficiently.

In the event that your home doesn’t have a proper drain system, you should consider installing an interior drainage system. This system collects water from below the footing and channels it to a sump pump. An interior drainage system is installed on the inside of your basement wall or footing, reducing mess and expense. Then, a new sump pump will be installed. 

Interior waterproofing in your basement is often the corrective solution after water has already entered the house. Exterior waterproofing, in contrast, is more of a preventative measure for keeping your basement dry and protected.

An internal system is designed to keep water out of your home and away from your foundation. This includes digging a trough that collects water and directs it to a sump pump unit, also known as a French drain.

The installation of an internal drain tile around the perimeter of the foundation is most often done after the construction of the house. This is because they are usually installed in response to a damp basement or sometimes just before finishing a basement remodel. An exterior waterproofing installation is more extensive. These systems are installed outside the foundation to prevent water from entering the basement in the first place, not in response to it.

This process requires excavation around the house to expose the foundation so that a durable waterproof sealant can be applied. Although more extensive than interior waterproofing systems, this type of waterproofing is most effective and preventative.

Waterproofing is a complex operation that should not be tried as a do-it-yourself project. Instead, it is recommended to employ a professional waterproofing company to guarantee the job is done safely & correctly. It takes a lot of talent, and a professional company will hire bonded and licensed workers with a lot of experience.

Be Sure They Specialize In Waterproofing

They Should Have A Significant Amount of Staff & Equipment

Bonded, Licensed & Insured Are Important!

Many Years In Business Means Many Years Experience

Online Reviews & Testimonials Speak Volumes About Performance

Most basically, one of the leading causes of basement intrusion is caused by leaking. However, leaking can be repaired in a number of ways. Keep in mind that not all solutions you choose will do the job of solving the problem! Considering which one you decide to go with, you could experience a disappointing outcome that ends up causing you to have to repeat the whole workload again soon.

Quick-fixes, like basement moisture absorbers for example, work only to temporarily relieve the effects the problem presents at its face and for a short amount of time. As the absorbers draw moisture from the air, the air will most likely become less damp. This relief will only last as long as the time it takes before you need to replace the product again. It is inevitable that the dampness will return once the absorber is removed due to the fact that the moisture is not being prevented from entering the basement at the source.

Basement Waterproofing should be considered a lot the same way as other services designed to improve your home. Here are some of the pros and cons of Exterior Waterproofing.


  • It will reduce the wall cracks and water leaking into your basement. A professional exterior waterproofing system is made of components that effectively seal the foundation wall to prevent water from seeping in.
  • It will call for all installation processes to happen outside the basement of the home, avoiding disruption of any basement living spaces.


  • High humidity may require more measures than an exterior waterproofing system alone. Water will no longer enter your basement or crawl space through foundation walls or up through the floor, however, high humidity in the air can still make for conditions that can cause mold growth.
  • Installation for exterior systems is much more labor-intensive and time-consuming than interior waterproofing systems, yet the results yield a much more efficient outcome!


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