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Are you tired of battling the elements, trying to keep your basement dry and your home protected? If you answered yes, we have the answer to your water woes! Welcome to Barrier Waterproofing Systems, where we bring you cutting-edge basement waterproofing solutions throughout Nashville and Cookeville, TN, and the neighboring communities. 

Our expert team of skilled professionals has the tools, the know-how, and the dedication to tackle water intrusion head-on, safeguarding your basement from unwelcome moisture and potential damage. After you give us a call, our team will arrive at your home and perform a professional evaluation of your home’s basement or crawl space foundation. Then, we’ll get to work finding the perfect system that meets your goals. Don’t wait for Mother Nature to rain on your parade yet again — call us today or book service online, and we’ll turn your basement into an impenetrable fortress against flooding! Read more about our work below.

Waterproofing Basement Walls, Floors, and More!

It is our goal here at Barrier Waterproofing Systems to create informed customers. We aim to teach you about the various systems and options available, as well as review the advantages and disadvantages of each. We can help you choose a waterproofing solution that best fits your needs. We’re proud to offer premium services with a lifetime guarantee for any and all moisture intrusion issues. No matter what water issue your basement or crawl space is having, we can work with you to resolve it and provide you with a dry basement and peace of mind once and for all.

We’re Middle Tennessee’s top waterproofing company, serving homeowners in and around Nashville and Cookeville, TN. We primarily work within these locations in TN:

  • Franklin
  • Smyrna
  • Watertown
  • La Vergne,
  • Mt. Juliet
  • Carthage
  • Madison
  • Gallatin
  • Hendersonville
  • Lebanon
  • Hartsville
  • Brentwood
  • Woodbury
  • Cookeville
  • And beyond!

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How & Why Water Leaks Through Basement Walls & Floors

The fight against intruding water can often seem like a losing battle, and your basement can end up wet and soggy for many reasons (although some are more common than others). Here are some of the most common causes of a wet basement:

Inadequate Drainage, Improper Drainage System Installation, or Non-Existent Drainage System

All interior or exterior drainage systems must be properly functioning to prevent moisture from seeping into your basement. A professionally installed drainage system will ensure that water can move away from the house efficiently; however, it must be installed with care and precision in order to perform this important task effectively.

Inadequate Grading
Poor Sloping

Inadequate soil grading can also cause moisture problems. If the soil around your foundation walls isn't sloped away from your house, water will pool against the wall and cause basement flooding. Improperly compacted fill dirt can also cause water to flow toward your home's foundation.

Defective Gutters or Downspout Systems

Defective gutters or clogged downspout systems can also result in a wet basement. If your gutters are too small, your downspout may be too close to your home’s foundation, causing water to seep into the basement. You should have at least one downspout per 50 feet to enable adequate drainage and ensure you have a dry basement.

Excessive Condensation

Condensation occurs when cool basement walls or ceilings meet warm, moist air. A common issue in most basements, condensation problems will make the space uncomfortably clammy and cause fungus/mold to form as a result of moisture damage or high humidity. This type of basement moisture can also promote pest infestations, as termites like moist wood, so it should be addressed ASAP.

Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing

Have you noticed increased basement moisture? Are your basement walls damp to touch? Can you hear a mysterious dripping? There are many warning signs that you require professional basement waterproofing services — if you know where to look, that is. Watch out for these issues that indicate you need help from the BWS team:

Wet Basement Floors

Standing water on your basement floors is not only a health and safety hazard, but a direct sign of a water intrusion problem. Even small amounts of water are capable of causing structural decay and foundation damage. This also creates negative health effects and safety concerns. Basement waterproofing or crawl space waterproofing or encapsulation in dirt floor basements will help mitigate this problem.

Concrete Cracking

If there are large or jagged cracks in your basement floor, the problem may be occurring within your home’s foundation. As water travels under your concrete floor, it will create voids or channels, like it does with a river bed. The concrete will crack above the voids and extend towards the foundation walls where the water had initially entered the foundation. If the cracks extend into the foundation walls or the ceiling (porch area above the basement), you need help NOW. Call us now and we’ll be there right away!

Wet Basement Walls

If you see darker sections of concrete or concrete blocks usually at the bottom of the foundation walls, they are most likely wet. Something is obviously wrong with the existing waterproofing system. If you notice white chalky stains on the concrete walls inside a basement during dry periods, this is a sure sign of water intrusion. The white chalkiness is known as efflorescence, and it is made up of the lime and calcium leaching out of the concrete when it gets wet. The lime and calcium dissolve in the water as the water moves to equally wet the block and hence migrates to the inside surface of the basement wall to evaporate. Then, they are left behind on the block wall surface as the water evaporates to the basement. Since the rapidly vanishing lime and calcium actually serve as the “glue” that holds the concrete together, the concrete gets weak, discolors, and deteriorates as a result.

Block Rot

We coined this phrase “block rot” years ago and have created a blog post describing it. As water continually pounds your foundation from the exterior year after year, it takes the lime and calcium (the glue) out of your concrete wall. From the inside of your basement, your blocks will look black. When we dig to this level from the exterior, the blocks are usually disintegrated and are ready to collapse, if not already collapsed. Rule of thumb: If your blocks are black on the inside, they are disintegrated on the outside. We have techniques for fixing this situation and preserving any remaining concrete blocks.

Dry Rot

High humidity and leaks around supply lines can create the perfect environment for wood rot and fungal growth in your finished basement. A musty smell may indicate that you have wood rot or fungal growth in your basement. The odor will increase in strength and intensity as it spreads throughout the house.

Fungal/Mold Growth

Another common sign of a wet basement is black or green mold, discoloration, or a “mildewy” smell. If you see clusters of fungal growth, you will need a professional to help identify the severity of your mold infestation.

Our Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Other contractors will claim their basement waterproofing solutions are the best, but we walk the walk to prove that ours are superior. Our company guarantees our systems for a lifetime and offers effective, affordable solutions manufactured exclusively for our customers. Just ask any of the thousands of satisfied homeowners we’ve worked with in Nashville, Cookeville, and elsewhere in the Middle Tennessee area!

Here are some of the ways we can help YOUR home stay safer and drier:


Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing can be an effective water management system for many Nashville and Cookeville, TN, basements. The cost of interior waterproofing is less than exterior waterproofing, and this procedure will help eliminate wet conditions on your basement floor. However, interior systems don’t always eliminate every aspect of the damaging effects of water on your home’s structure.


Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior basement waterproofing provides a permanent solution to water problems in your basement. This is the only system that structural engineers will recommend when dealing with wet basements. Our exterior waterproofing systems will completely eliminate leaky basements and are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee. To top it off, they are also maintenance-free!


Trench & French Drains

French and trench drains manage the proper collection and drainage of water away from your home. Essentially, these water management systems deter water from reaching the foundation of your home, reducing the chance of moisture problems within your basement or crawl space.


Sump Pump

A sump pump is a mechanical device that is designed to extract accumulated water. Unwanted water is collected in a sump crock (sump basin) that is surrounded with clean gravel. The sump pump will discharge the water to the outside of the home when the level rises high enough to activate the sump pump float switch.

Because sump pumps remove excess water rather than preventing it from entering your basement at all, we recommend installing one as a backup solution just in case you battle a high water table like we do in the Middle Tennessee area

We specifically recommend this solution if you live in:

  • Downtown Nashville
  • Edge Hill
  • Music Row
  • The Gulch
  • Wedgewood
  • 12 South
  • Belmont
  • Lipscomb
  • Green Hills
  • Oak Hill
  • Edgehill
  • Belle Meade
  • West End
  • West Meade
  • East Nashville
  • Lockeland Springs
  • Dickerson Pike
  • Germantown
  • Charlotte Pike
  • Sylvan Park
  • The Nations
  • Crieve Hall
  • Belle Meade
  • Bordeaux
  • Bellevue

Basement Dehumidifier

A basement or crawl space dehumidifier unit works to clear up a humid environment. However, a dehumidification system will not work effectively unless it is installed in a properly sealed environment. Our dehumidifiers are usually paired with another basement waterproofing solution to maintain a comfortable humidity level. A dehumidifier can also be an effective standalone solution for slightly moist environments, such as poor garage door seals or uninsulated window areas.

FAQs About Basement Waterproofing

When you waterproof your basement, you protect your home, increase its value, and improve overall living conditions. Here are some of the key advantages of basement waterproofing:

  • Prevents water damage.
  • Protects your home and family against mold and mildew.
  • Keeps belongings and valuables safe.
  • Eliminates potential entry points for insects, rodents, and other pests.
  • Enhances your living space by keeping it safer and drier.
  • Makes your home more energy-efficient.
  • Increases your property value and makes your home more attractive to buyers.
  • Provides long-term cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive foundational repairs.
  • They should be bonded, licensed, and insured. 
  • They should have many years of experience in the waterproofing industry.
  • They should specialize in basement waterproofing, not merely provide it as an additional service.
  • They should offer a warranty or guarantee on their services, such as our Lifetime Guarantee.
  • They should have a well trained staff and readily available equipment for each crew.
  • They should be able to point you to reviews and testimonials from previous customers.
  • They should be friendly, helpful, honest, and transparent.
  • They should discuss any previous industry awards or BBB ratings with you.
  • They should be able to readily discuss continual training that the crews and staff receive.

The cost to waterproof a basement depends on the size of the space, the methods used, and the complexity of the job, among other factors. If you’re local to the Middle Tennessee area, whether you’re in Nashville, Cookeville, Franklin, Smyrna, Watertown, La Vergne, Mt. Juliet, Carthage, Madison, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Lebanon, Hartsville, Brentwood, Woodbury, or Crossville, TN, contact us today for a free waterproofing consultation!

The answer to this question varies based on the type of waterproofing performed. Feel free to speak with one of our waterproofing experts today to learn more about our Lifetime Guarantee or any of our waterproofing solutions.

It may seem straightforward or even easy to waterproof a basement by yourself, but the truth is that it simply isn’t. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there that tempt you and get you into trouble. Some of our best customers are those who have attempted a DIY waterproofing project and unfortunately failed miserably. They end up paying twice as much for the project but more importantly lose valuable family time. Waterproofing is a complex operation that takes a lot of talent and should not be attempted as a do-it-yourself project. Instead, it is recommended to employ a professional waterproofing company to guarantee the job is done safely & correctly. Trust BWS to take care of your most important investment.

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Stay Safe & Dry With Basement Waterproofing!

When it comes to protecting your home and ensuring the safety of your loved ones, basement waterproofing is the ultimate solution you’ve been searching for. And with Barrier Waterproofing Systems on your side, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got your back. Embrace the power of basement waterproofing and let us pave the way to a brighter, drier future. Give our team a call today or schedule service online now, and we’ll be there soon!