Sagging Floors


Sagging floors and sinking slabs are typically an issue when the current support system is spaced too far apart, when soil wasn’t packed sufficiently, when termites have caused damage, or when a house has suffered water damage.

By installing a series of stabilizers that are adjustable, the structure can be lifted and supported evenly, reducing damage to the structure.

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Signs Your Foundation Might Be Compromised

Barrier Waterproofing Systems
Offer Solutions For The Following:

Uneven and settled concrete floors not only decrease property values, but create safety hazards.
What you need is a permanent solution to re-leveling your floor.

Crawl Spaces

This reliable and heavy-duty solution is perfect for sagging floor joists and un-supported beams within a crawlspace. The Grip-Tite Stabilizer levels and stabilizes existing support beams and floor joists with minimal disturbance to surrounding areas.


The slab pier system uses steel hydraulic piers that are driven into stable soils. You can expect your concrete slab to be re-leveled and stabilized without the mess of replacement. Our system can be installed year-round, in limited access areas, in just a couple of days.


We offer many different concrete options (including slick finish and decorative styles). We take care of the entire job, using plastic covering and fans to ventilate and minimize dust, and completing the job to your satisfaction. We use a vapor barrier below the new slab, bringing your house in compliance with new building codes.


This technique uses a mixture of water, sand, and Portland cement, which creates a mud mixture, better known as “slurry.” Holes are drilled strategically in the existing settled concrete and slurry is pumped into the voids below it. The sunken concrete is raised back to its original position. Although it is a cost-effective technique, it is not always the right solution in middle Tennessee.