The Difference Between Professional Trenching and DIY Trenching

If you are planning a project requiring you to dig trenches, whether it’s utility pipes you want to lay down or just looking to expand your outdoor drainage system, you may be wondering whether to do DIY trenching or hire a professional. Both options have their pros and cons but one might be better suited than the other, depending on the situation. Before anything, ask yourself just how qualified and motivated you are to undertake the project.

The truth is, while DIY trenching might seem like the most effective option, it’s not always the case and ultimately could prove more costly than professional trenching services. Here is a guide on trenching methods that can be done DIY and how they compare to those of professional trenching services.

Using a shovel

This is perhaps the most common type of trench excavation technique there is for home and lawn-care purposes. That means they are perfect for small-scale, DIY trenching projects. A trench-digging shovel, for instance, can only dig narrow flat-bottomed trenches of up to 4 inches wide and 18 inches deep.

If you want to take a more professional stance on your trenching project, a trench-digging machine is a great way to go. They will not only make your life easier but result in much better outcomes. A great example is a walk-behind trencher which can allow you to dig up to 3-feet deep and some can go up to 4 feet.

Heavy duty trench excavating machines

Such machines are often used by professional trenching services. They include rockwheels and chain trenchers. A rockwheel is ideal for digging through asphalt and concrete which chain trenchers are used to cut through hard materials. These machines usually demand a higher level of skills and prowess; hence they are not appropriate for DIY trenching projects. If your exterior trenching project is large in scope, consider contacting professional trenchers to avoid risks such as cave-ins, falls, and hazardous atmospheres.

Safety should always be your top concern when digging a trench. So ensure you adhere to common safety measures such as wearing protective clothing. If you wish to spare yourself the hustle of digging your own trench, feel free to contact us anytime. We are always ready to assist our customers with the best, most professional trenching services on the market.

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