Excavator of dedicated professionals working on crawl space repair in the snow

Dedicated Professionals for Your Crawl Space Repair

A concerned homeowner called our team of dedicated professionals one afternoon in regards to our crawl space repair services. They reported it was suffering from intruding water created by the melting snow around the perimeter of the home. They had recently discovered their crawl space was in a bad way, having adverse moisture buildup. It was decided that, with the current intruding water, something should be done about it quickly.

Members of our team took a trip to their home within the next day. It was discovered that their area of town had received a significant amount of snow. As the snow melted, the earth surrounding the crawl space door softened and, with the added weight, had collapsed on top of the entryway. In order for our team at Barrier Waterproofing Systems to do their job, they rented out a bulldozer to clear the way to the crawl space entrance.

After digging out the dirt that had collapsed, the door was once again accessible and those on the job were able to get into the crawl space. The crawl space had accumulated some moderate mold growth and needed replacing of the batting insulation. The intruding water was trickling in from a crack in the framing around the vents, despite them having been closed due to the inclement weather. The crack was repaired and sealed, preventing any more of the intruding water.

The mold was then removed and the insulation replaced, making the crawl space repair fit for an encapsulation to be completed. A thick, high quality lining vapor barrier was installed along the walls and earthen floor. Once the job was complete, the homeowner had become the proud owner of a completely dry and encapsulated crawl space repair. They could enjoy it staying in great shape for decades to come.

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