Your Buried Air Ducts Can Become Damaged By Water

As a homeowner that is doing their “homework” on how water damage can impact your home, you may have already learned that a slab foundation is rather resilient. Compared to a crawl space or basement foundation, the benefits can stack quite high. That being said, it is not impervious to water damage or flooding.

There are some systems that, just like with a crawl space or basement foundation, can also become damaged by water despite having a slab foundation. One such vulnerability is created when your air ducts are buried beneath your home. Continue reading below to learn more about the potential problems water can cause for your buried air ducts, regardless of your foundation type!

Water Is Not Limited To Moving In One Direction

Did you know that water moves sideways as it passes through the soil surrounding your home, not straight downward? This fact means that it can more easily access your underground air ducts or other buried systems. No matter if the water is entering the soil from rain or snow, it is more prone to traveling through the upper layer of topsoil due to a large amount of air voids.

Additionally, as the ground gets deeper, more clay soil is present. This means an increase of densely packed earth that has more of a tendency to block water from penetrating any further. Once the water reaches this block, it begins to back up, flowing sideways as it fills up the soil. As a result, water will travel under your home and effectively reach your air duct system. 

Fortunately, if your home is experiencing moisture intruding your air ducts, the source of the problem can be corrected! 

Adequate Drainage Can Correct The Issue

A professional exterior drainage system installed around your home’s foundation can be the answer to protecting underground systems. A high quality system works to relieve ground water away from your home. Some additional options for adequate drainage around your home include downspouts, sump pumps, and french drains. 

Not every home is an ideal candidate for all drainage systems, though our team of professionals can perform an evaluation that will determine the best solution. Professional drainage solutions can prevent flooded air ducts and the range of problems such a situation creates.

Problems Caused By Flooded Air Ducts

One of the most concerning problems caused by flooded air ducts is the potential for health problems for you and your family. The number one factor is mold growth. Once mold has begun to grow and establish itself in your air ducts, any heating or cooling cycle can send millions of spores of mold through your entire home!

Though this can be alarming, you can use these simple facts to implement a solution. Always remember, the air you breathe isn’t the only thing being affected; your foundation’s integrity is also at stake.

How A Drainage System Can Solve The Problem

Water naturally passes through pipes and gravel much easier than soil. This means that it favors flowing into the pipes and gravel of the drainage system, making them efficient tools for redirecting water. The moisture intrusion problem is corrected by transporting the water away from your foundation and air ducts to another (much less harmful) location. 

Our professional contractors can determine the best drainage system fit for you by performing an evaluation of your home. Give BARRIER Waterproofing Systems a call today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168 to learn more about how you can take action to put a stop to water damaging your important home systems. You can also visit our website to learn more about how our high quality and industry leading drainage systems work to protect homes all across Tennessee.