Crawl Space Purpose Opening Underneath A House

Why A House Has A Crawl Space Purpose

First off, let’s look at what a crawl space is: a space that is created when a house is built up off of the ground. These are installed instead of concrete foundations in some cases. They are often times used to house any air conditioning or heating units, plumbing, or other systems that work for the functionality of your home.

Some reasons for houses being built up off of the ground instead of on a concrete slab include:

  • Lowering Cost: The work required to prepare the lot for a concrete slab foundation is expensive.
  • Aesthetics: By installing the air conditioning or heating unit, plumbing, and other distributions below the house, you keep them out of view. They are also kept from obstructing the landscaping of your home.

There are some drawbacks to a crawl space under your home, however. They can be difficult to maintain and, if left alone for a long period of time, can lead to issues like mold growth and structural decline.

The silver lining to owning one is that, if taken care of properly, it can open up even more possibilities of use. This also decreases the work needed to maintain it. One of the most simple methods is to locate your local crawl space repair experts to learn more about what repairs or further care it may need.

For example, encapsulating your crawl space consists of completely lining the inside of your crawl space with a thick plastic vapor barrier. The installation will keep water, debris, pests, and other variables from the outside from entering in. This creates a waterproof environment that not only keeps the foundation of your home safe and intact, but can do the same for storing items. Essentially, you can create a space much like you would find for storage in an attic.

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