What Is The Best French Drain Rock Type To Use?

When you hear the word French Drain, you might expect something fancy, like the exquisite perfumes and clothes the French gave us. Don’t hold your breath, though, as the French Drain is nothing more but a gutter filled with rocks or river gravel. Made with a perforated pipe fitted at the bottom, this trench was designed to redirect surface and underground water.

In fact, the name “French drain” doesn’t even originate from the country! These useful drainage channels were instead named after the American agriculturalist and inventor Henry French. Generally, a French drain is a simple drainage solution that offers various benefits.

Benefits of a French Drain

1. Ideal for protecting foundations

French drains are designed to redirect water that is trapped in the ground. The Drain can be constructed around the foundation of a building to ensure the structure’s stability isn’t compromised by standing water.

2. Helps protect retaining walls

Building a French drain around an already existing retaining wall helps redirect water away from it. This reduces the hydrostatic pressure exerted on it by flowing currents or stagnant water.

3. Prevents the lawn from becoming soggy

Waterlogged lawns are caused by drainage problems hence making them look unattractive. Constructing a French drain around the lawn ensures that the water is drained and redirected, giving your lawn a green and healthy look.

4. It improves property value

Installing a French drain will improve how your lawn looks. The stones used to construct it, such as granite, comes in various colors that can even glow under the light. Besides, a buyer is likely to lean towards a given property if it won’t subject them to drainage problems in the future.

5. Inexpensive to install

French drain installation is cost-effective and easy to install since it doesn’t require complicated systems for it to work. After installation, the rest of the work is done by gravity.

What is the best type of french drain rock for use in my system?

The best type of rock for a French drain installation is either granite rock or river gravel. While both rocks are preferred, as they both allow good water flow, granite is a top choice since it is thicker and more rigid. This best type of rock is more durable than other rocks that are smaller in size and break down easily, which can cause blockages. A prime example of such rocks is the inexpensive lime rock, although it deteriorates more quickly than other rock.

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