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What Does A Vapor Barrier Do?

How much do you know about vapor barriers in your home and what they are meant to do?

If you have been looking into waterproofing measures for your home to help keep it protected from moisture damage, you have probably come across information about vapor barriers. While you might know more about the damage you want to prevent to your home, you might not know about what the standard measures are to go about doing that. In this article, we will address some of the main points about a vapor barrier that will help you better understand how to implement some effective waterproofing solutions.

Moisture is the most important thing for a house to control. Air is also a very important factor, but the end product of poor air control is essentially moisture still being introduced into the home. Air can leak into our home from gaps around windows and doors, condensing on inside surfaces, and within the walls of our wood framed home.

It is possible for homeowners that have taken measures to seal off the air from the outside to still experience moisture intrusion! Sealed windows, doors, and any other communications from the outside might not cover all your bases. You may wonder how this could happen after investing in such measures.

One of the most common ways this happens is through diffusion. For example, moisture can travel through a sheet of drywall. One study revealed that, over the course of one winter, as much as a third of a quart of water can have made its way into your home through diffusion. Now believe it or not, as many as 30 quarts of water can come through a hole or gap communicating with the outside over that same amount of time!

Although vapor barriers can be installed all around your home, one particular place of interest is in the crawl space. A small hole you could find somewhere in the house can be easily fixed, whereas your crawl space could be completely open to the elements depending on how it was built! This area might be the most significant for you to consider waterproofing options if your home is experiencing a problem.

A quality vapor barrier will, once communications to the outside have been resolved, prevent moisture from entering the home. We here at Barrier Waterproofing Systems have developed a vapor barrier that stands out from any other on the market. Our team of professionals will install the vapor barrier, and all other aspects of the encapsulation process, to be sure that the foundation of the home remains dry.

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