Water leaking before renovation means you should be waterproofing a basement

Waterproofing A Basement Before or After Renovation

Basements are designed for a many number of things including household storage, additional living space, and even home entertainment systems like theaters. One thing they are NOT designed for is moisture intrusion.

Moisture intrusion brings about a whole bunch of problems that can threaten the very integrity of the foundation of your entire home. It is not always evident that moisture is entering into your basement, and the damage caused by it can be very extensive. The cost is also expensive to repair in the event it takes you a significant amount of time to see it.

In fact, some of the consequences of moisture intrusion in your basement can be seen in a variety of other places. You might notice failing and peeling paint. Some wood of the exposed structures could begin to rot. There might be a collection of mold and mildew starting to grow. No matter the symptoms you find, the problem must be taken care of to avoid the damage that is being done.

There are several different ways to go about waterproofing a basement, but if your basement has remained mostly untouched, an interior installation might be for you. Alternatively, you can waterproof a basement from the exterior, which wouldn’t interrupt much else but some landscaping work around the close perimeter of your home.

A narrow trench is dug inside the basement by breaking through the concrete foundation around the foot of the basement walls. It is filled with perforated piping that helps eliminate water away from the home coming in from behind the walls.

Outside the basement, a trench is dug out from the ground around the home and a similar pipe system is installed. An additional procedure is done after this step which is to coat the outside of the basement walls with waterproof material. This high quality membrane blocks water out completely.

With moisture intrusion taken care of, your basement renovations will be safe from water damage. This same water damage has caused many a homeowner hefty amounts of money to repair the already costly renovations they already made! Keep your paint, home’s structural integrity, and clean air safe from the problems caused by moisture intrusion.

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