Waterproof Vapor Barrier Before and After

Waterproof Vapor Barrier in Nashville TN

A homeowner in Clarksville, Tennessee had a waterproof vapor barrier installed for a crawl space encapsulation a number of years ago. He was fully aware of the importance of having it maintained so that it would remain dry and clean. Unfortunately, during a home inspection prompted by the homeowner putting the home up for sale, it was discovered that the vapor barrier had become compromised.

A section that had been poorly sealed off was now letting the surrounding groundwater into the crawl space. We received a call with an inquiry about replacing the plastic sheeting in his crawl space with a thicker, higher quality vapor barrier lining. Ensuring there was a complete waterproof vapor barrier seal would be paramount.

Their local Barrier Waterproofing System took a trip to his home the next day and took a look around. They began to remove all of the plastic sheeting at once, breaking down the now dry and brittle material that had been previously installed. Once the material was removed, the crawl space was looked over once more for the presence of any additional issues. Thankfully, everything else was clear, so the installation was then completed.

The seals were first all tested for maximum strength. They gave some information regarding the differences in quality of the plastic liners that were originally purchased. It was explained that, as is the case with some companies, liner quality can be compromised in order to cut corners on their cost. Unfortunately, this shortens the lifespan of the encapsulation overall by quite some time. Another job well done!

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