Trenching Services for Sprinkler System Installation Nashville, TN

We are in the midst of Summer when lawn work is prevalent to professional contractors like our team here at BARRIER The story from today explains the much-needed sprinkler system installation process in their front yard. From the surface, sprinklers look and function rather simple, but there is a lot more going on under the surface. The homeowner from Nashville, TN calling in for the trenching job had done some research on the system they bought, so they had already prepared their yard for the installation. Here’s how the job went.

After determining the footwork the homeowner had done, namely, writing up a measured plan of the system their yard needed to ensure the best coverage, checking their water pressure, ensuring a backflow preventer was in place, and learning about any watering restrictions their town has established, we were ready to begin the trenching process.

The first step was to mark any existing gas, electric, and water lines that existed in their yard. Without a complete understanding of where the lines are located, big problems from breaking into a line can occur.

Next, our team of professional contractors brings the appropriate machinery they need to dig the trenches around the area that needs to be watered to put the pipe underground. These trenches will generally be made 15-18″ deep, which helps keep the pipes safe from daily gardening activities.

Then, the necessary valves, sprinkler heads, and PVC piping are installed in all of the zones of the landscaping sections to be sure that the water pressure is consistent across the yard.

Since the homeowner had already gone through the process of having a backflow preventer and system timer installed, the next step was to test the system thoroughly, which could be done with the help of their local plumbing professionals to be sure that there are no leaks and that the landscape is getting an even coverage.

The last and very important step is the cleanup phase. It is at this time that any trenches that remain open will be filled with topsoil, the soil will be leveled, and necessary spots of the lawn will be re-seeded to restore your yard to its original state.

If your yard is in need of a sprinkler system installation, and a local trenching professional to help, give BARRIER a call today at (615) 257-1060  |  (931) 536-1168.