Dangers and Safety Hazard of a Flooded Basement

The Dangers and Safety Hazard of a Flooded Basement

When people think of flooded basements, their first thoughts might be of the damage that is done to the surrounding objects and materials located in the room, like carpet or furniture. While this is no doubt a very big inconvenience for the homeowner, the price tag on replacing the items isn’t the worst damage that can be done by a flooding or leaking basement! Moisture leaking or flooding into a basement can present a big and immediate threat- a safety hazard of a flooded basement to your family and your home.

Perhaps the most primary danger is of flooded basement water becoming electrified. Once the water reaches a high enough level to come into contact with outlets and/or electrical wiring, it can conduct electricity (even a small amount of water!) and risk your safety.

Another possible hazard is water accumulating and extinguishing the pilot light on your hot water heater or furnace. While the light may have gone out, the gas pump has not and the gas will accumulate inside your home. Not only could this cause carbon monoxide poisoning for your family members, but if left long enough, could result in a very serious explosion!

Another way flooding or leaking water into your basement is a cause for concern holds true for homes that are connected to a septic tank or sewage system. The water that enters into the home can have already come into contact from sewage that has leaked from the system or tank. This sewage, and any diseases present, will be spread into your home through the water.

Be sure to never enter into the safety hazard of a flooded basement! Call a local emergency service to help restore order and safety to your basement. Lastly, take precautions to find the source of the leak or where water has flooded into your basement and implement a waterproofing solution to keep the basement safe from a repeat intrusion in the future. Give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168 and schedule a free evaluation to schedule an interior or exterior waterproofing solution that will protect your home for many years to come.