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The Best Places For A French Drain Installation Location

A French drain is one of the best ways to mitigate drainage problems such as soggy lawns, waterlogged lawns, and frequent foundation repairs. It refers to a drainage system made of a trench filled with rocks (preferably granite due to its durability) and a perforated pipe that redirects surface and underground water away from the wet area. Installing a French Drain is usually easy and inexpensive.

The best french drain installation location is oftentimes downhill, given that it is a gravity-assisted way of keeping a yard free from excess moisture. One can create an artificial slope by digging at a 1% gradient, allowing gravity to do the work effectively. A water-permeable fabric is then laid around the trench sides, which is followed by the addition of rocks inside the trench.

The perforated pipes are then laid with the holes facing down so that water can flow out easily. Fill the trench with the selected rocks until it’s slightly above the ground level. The final step is to cover the entire French drain with the remaining fabric. A sufficient french drain installation location is usually best found in the following places for maximum effectiveness at their job of draining your yard.

1. Around the house.

The primary purpose of a French drain is to redirect the water away from a specific place. Installing it around the house ensures that the foundation isn’t swamped by water, ensuring it remains protected from moisture.

2. Low areas in the yard

Water tends to concentrate on the low areas of the lawn hence making them soggy. A good french drain installation location in this area will move the water to your desired spot for drainage, giving your grass a chance to grow.

3. Next to the retaining wall

Having an unstable yard that has a tendency to shift requires constructing a retaining wall. This makes a great situation for installing a French drain, placing it behind the wall. This will protect the integrity of the retaining wall by redirecting the water moving downhill. The pipe should be on the same level as the gravel base supporting the wall.

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