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Should I Repair Concrete Cracks in My Foundation?

There are some things that are nearly inevitable when it comes to the concrete foundations that are laid underneath out homes. Foundation cracks are one of those things, and there are many variables that contribute to making these happen, and cause many a homeowner to ask “Should I repair concrete cracks?” Some of these variables include things like poorly done construction, invasive roots, shifting soil, the settling of the house, and damage from natural disasters like earthquakes. Though you may have heard from a foundation contractor, had you been concerned and reached out for information, cracking is normal! The problem is, a crack in your foundation is a problem that should not be ignored.

Being a homeowner, your investment in your home is being threatened by a crack in the foundation. The foundation plays the role of the very structure of the home, and a crack means that its well being is compromised. No matter how much you have invested in your home, any problem that stems from the foundation should be resolved as soon as possible. Large or small, calling in for the help of a qualified contractor in your area is paramount!

Foundation distress can cause the following problems:

Dangers of Poor Structural Integrity

When cracks begin to appear, they can be interpreted as a signal of issues that are less obvious and may have been happening for a longer period of time. To further worsen the situation, the cracks then lead to water intrusion that can cause a whole myriad of additional problems. They are all related to issues that slowly degrade the foundation.

Decreasing The Indoor Air Quality of the Home

Once the water has intruded into the crawl space or basement of your home, the conditions there will immediately begin to cultivate mold growth. The spores that come off from the growing colonies get into the air, the same air that travels up into your home via the Stack Effect. In fact, research shows that a large percentage of the air you breathe in the living areas of your home come from the lower levels, such as the basement or crawl space. Sealing the cracks in your foundation can help prevent these problems.

Degrading the Value of the Home

Whether an educated homeowner, or a professional home buyer or appraiser, the sign of a foundation crack is a large red flag. It signals that there is a much more “foundational” problem and communicated that the property is being poorly maintained. Always choose a certified foundation specialist or contractor to help solve these problems. A chip in the paint or a broken window does not measure up to a crack in the very foundation your home rests on for support!

You want the home your family resides in to remain safe and strong for the lifetime of your family. This requires maintenance of the problems that arise that can cause some serious drawbacks to the security of the home’s structure. If you see cracks in the foundation of your home, have ever asked yourself “Should I repair concrete cracks?”, or suspect there are other problems with it, give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call today at (615) 257-1060 for a professional opinion or evaluation.