Residential Excavation Services for New Home Construction

Your local BARRIER Waterproofing Systems does local excavating for jobs around your residential areas. There are several reasons to hire a residential excavation service, and the one we are going to talk about today is for the purpose of a building site for your new home. The foundation for a home must be prepared properly and professionally for the best possible outcome and long-term benefit to the home of your family.

The first idea to talk about is what the first thing is that is looked for on a fresh lot when the plan is to build a new home. That would be the site plan. The purpose of looking at the site plan is to get familiar with where the house is located on the site and make sure that any issues that will cause a setback are resolved first. Preventing as many issues as early on in the process as possible will help prevent the blockades that can form from them later on during the job.

Second, if you’re looking to build in a subdivision, it is important to determine that you build the home at the proper distance off of the lot line. The sizes of the lots in a subdivision are typically smaller than those in rural areas, which can be acres upon acres in size! This distance will be checked at this stage in the process to rule out the setbacks early. If you’re looking to build on a more rural property, you will generally be able to put the house wherever you want.

Another very important step is to rule out what preexisting things will need to be removed. These would be things like trees or tree stumps, large rock formations. Another thing to consider would be any bodies of water that might be in an undesirable spot or impede building on your site plan. Any of the topsoils that can be salvaged from the site will be done so now so that they could be reused later on in the project, especially since it doesn’t make for very good backfill material for around the home.

The next, yet very crucial stage is to determine the location of the utilities in relation to the site plan. Usually, a separate local service will come to the property and flag any of the utilities that would also impede building on the site plan. These are any electrical, gas, phone, or data lines that could go otherwise go unseen and are open to potential damage. They need to be brought away from the dig site so they are not hit during the excavation.

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