Repairing bowed foundation walls

Repairing Bowing Foundation Walls

In this story for today, we want to refer to a call from a homeowner in Nashville, TN about damage they discovered being done to their basement walls. As soon as they discovered some horizontal cracking were beginning to appear and had grown a little larger in the past few months, they decided to place a call to their local foundation repair experts and ask about repairing bowing foundation walls. We were delighted to know they had caught the signs of damage being done in its early stages, as foundation repair does not fix itself, only worsening with time.

There are also several cases of homeowners that see the damage being done and wait for prolonged periods of time before contacting anyone for help. It doesn’t take much know how to look for the signs associated with foundation damage, as most of the problems you witness will appear to look problematic in nature, such as cracks in the walls or foundation floor. You can always give a quick call to clarify which cracks are identified with substantial damage and which ones are more normal.

Our team of professionals visited the home and got right to work installing a wall anchor foundation repair system that provides proven results. The cracks in the walls were growing horizontally as the walls contracted and expanded with the soil behind them on the exterior of the home. Every time the walls would go through the shifting, they would lose than much more of their integrity and it was best to begin preserving that integrity as soon as possible.

First, the best locations for where to place the wall anchors were determined for maximum effectiveness. The sod was carefully removed and preserved for a clean re-installation after the hole was made. Then, small holes were cored through the locations on the foundation walls where the anchors would attach to them. These holes would be where the steel anchor rods would be fed through and then pierced through the soil until it reached the anchor buried outside. Next, the buried anchors were secured to the steel rods in order to keep the walls intact. Lastly, a large wall plate was installed over the interior ends of the steel rods. These plates stabilize the wall as they are being held in place by the steel rods, keeping them from shifting inward and outward with the soil outside of the home.

Once the repair system was installed and the walls were then set up to remain in good shape, any little mess created by the process was cleaned and any disturbed landscape outside was made to be good as before the job began. The process for repairing bowing foundation walls was done fairly quickly and efficiently to correct damage that was accumulating over many years. If your home is experiencing some distress and damage, give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call at today.