Illustraition of professional waterproof membrane installation repelling water

Professional Waterproof Membrane Installation and Application Services

Our team of waterproofing experts as been performing waterproof membrane installation solutions for homeowners in Middle Tennessee for many years.

Our systems have improved throughout the years, becoming more inclusive of research-based and proven advancements in industry technology. A cornerstone material used in waterproofing systems that have kept customers of ours effectively repelling water from the foundations of their homes for years is the waterproofing membrane. Below is some information about this material and why it provides such a protective barrier against intruding moisture after a professional waterproof membrane installation.

A lot of skill and technique is required for a proper waterproof membrane installation. Certain tools will yield different results. It is crucial to achieve a flat and smooth finish during application, or else there could be a formation of anomalies along the surface that put a “damper” on things.

After years of application experience, developing a knack for the waterproofing membrane material’s physical characteristics becomes possible. For example, utilizing experience with the appropriate tools and techniques, the membrane can be applied on large surfaces in just-right amounts that will cover large areas most efficiently. Long-running exterior and retaining walls can be installed with waterproofing membrane for less cost with a highly accurate process.

Another highly important part of the process includes making sure the surface is properly primed for receiving the waterproofing material. If primed incorrectly, you could shave several years off of the waterproofing system’s life, if not cancel out the effectiveness of the waterproofing altogether.

The points listed above highlight the reasons that a professional installation of your waterproofing membrane systems is important. When done correctly, you can rest assured the foundation of your home will be protected for many years. If you are looking for a waterproofing system for your home that you can count on, look no further than your local waterproofing membrane installation services in Nashville, TN at Barrier Waterproofing Systems. Give us a call at 615-257-1060 today!