Cracked brick foundation wall depicting foundation repair services

Our Superior Bowed Foundation Wall Repair Process

A bowing, bulging, or cracking wall is a tell-tale sign that your investment is at risk. If swift action is not taken, you may very well lose it to collapse! As foundation experts, this is a case we come across more frequently than you think, and thankfully, we have developed perfected solutions to repair them. We understand that it is alarming to imagine the house you live in collapsing in on you, and it is for this reason that the solutions we offer are quickly and efficiently installed. These solutions will also guarantee the integrity of your structure walls for a long time to come. Let’s dive into what the bowed foundation wall repair process entails.

As experts, we don’t take on any job without an inspection and proper debrief to the clients. During the inspection, we will assess the extent of the damage, potential causes, and the best possible way of sorting it out. There are many causes of bowed foundation walls, but most of them stem from damage dealt by hydrostatic water pressure or shifting soil masses. A cracking basement wall may be a result of the failure of the exterior waterproofing or changes in temperature over time. Whichever the cause, you must be aware that there is constant pressure on the walls, and you may find you need bowed foundation wall repair without any prior notice of the warning signs.

If you have bowed foundation walls because of failing waterproofing, our repair begins by reinstating your exterior waterproofing to code and appropriate standards. If the foundation is not damaged extensively, we may offer solutions like core filling to prevent further cracking. If the damage is more pronounced, we can use carbon fiber wall support or steel bracing (or both!) to support the walls. This works for basements, crawl spaces, and even exposed foundations. Carbon fiber wall support systems are sturdy and rustproof and will stay with you for as long as the building is there.

Both carbon and steel brace installments are minimally invasive, and even when used as foundation wall anchors, there is no need for major building works. Another foundation repair solution is foundation piering which is often performed when the damage from bowed foundation walls has caused the building to sink or rest unevenly.

These foundation repair solutions have minimal property disturbance, can be installed in a single day at any time in the year, and are cost-effective. Ask for your foundation repair quote today from Barrier Waterproofing Systems. Give us a call at (615) 257-1060 for more information and to schedule a FREE evaluation.