Local Front Yard and Back Yard Drainage Installation

Fall isn’t through with us yet, and we can assume there are some more good rains left before winter rolls around (not to mention the coming melting snow!). When it comes to your home’s foundation, water is the enemy. There are a host of drainage installation solutions for directing water away from your home, and our team of dedicated professionals arrived on the scene for a concerned homeowner in Nashville, TN to assist with diverting water from entering into their foundation.

First, a trench approximately 12 inches deep was excavated all around the foundation of the home. A layer of fabric was laid down inside the trench, piled onto with small-sized stones, and then fitted with a large ribbed plastic pipe. After the pipe was adjusted for a good fitting, more small size stones were placed on top, lined with another row of fabric, and buried with the excavated soil.

This drainage installation was of a classic French drain, a system that would carry water away from their home and deposits it further down to the end of the yard or out to a low traffic area like a field. The french drain for this family was installed near their gutters to collect the large amount of water that was otherwise seeping down into their basement foundation as it collected right at the corner of the foundation of their home.

The job site was cleaned up as nicely as before the excavation began, replacing the topsoil in areas of the landscaping that required it to be removed. Once everything was put back into place the home was now prepared to get through the next rainstorm with a system in place to help keep it protected.

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