Chair in porch of lakefront home that needs crawl space encapsulation

Lakefront House Crawl Space Encapsulation in Nashville, TN

A homeowner from Nashville, TN was spending some of their free time researching potential crawl space problems. They were especially driven to identify possible problems, seeing as their lakefront house was located by a large body of water. It was well understood that the moisture levels around their home were significant.

What they discovered was how important crawl space encapsulation was for correcting issues that high moisture can make. The list below touches on the more prominent problems that can be corrected with an encapsulation project:

  • Symptoms ranging from minor allergies to severe sinus infections
  • Inhalation of lung cancer-causing radon gas
  • 15% to 35% higher heating and cooling costs
  • Musty and moldy odors in the home
  • Structural decay such as rotted sills, joists, and floorboards
  • Stuck doors, windows, and buckled hardwood floors
  • Poor resale value of the home
  • Cold and drafty floors
  • Uncomfortable humidity levels

Once they discovered the benefits of crawl space encapsulation, they called their local professional contracting company at Barrier Waterproofing Systems. A job was scheduled for later in the week and our team of professionals came out to take a look around. The first order of business was to evaluate the condition of the crawl space. This would help determine just what kind of repairs needed to be made and the degree of damage that might already exist.

Fortunately for this homeowner, no substantial damage was discovered. Aside from the beginnings of some mold growth on the floor joists, things were looking pretty beneficial for an encapsulation job.

The insulation job was started first. The exposed walls were covered in foil-faced insulation that was measured and cut for every cavity. In order to fit around the uneven slope of the property below the house, they each needed to be measured independently.

If the insulation was not cut properly and was left in contact with the ground, it could wick up the moisture from the earth floor and harbor even more mold.
Next were the plumbing lines that entered and exited the home. They created communication with the outside that allowed moisture-laden, humid air to fill the crawl space. Sealing any vents, holes, or openings to the outside air is essential for keeping the inside dry once the project is complete. Putting up insulation and installing other waterproofing materials alone will not be enough to keep the moisture out entirely.

After this, the next step is to install a high quality vapor barrier that really “seals the deal” for moisture, especially from the dirt floor. After it is rolled out along the ground, it is wrapped around all of the footer support columns, then it is all taped shut together. Once it is all wrapped and packed up, their lakefront house crawl space encapsulation process was complete! Another job well done.

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