Photo of a FORTRESS carbon fiber wall support system

Installing A Carbon Fiber Wall Support System for Bowed Walls

If your home suffers from bowing foundation walls, a carbon fiber wall support system can be an efficient and inexpensive solution to fix it. Carbon fiber is a material that is significantly stronger and stiffer than steel. Using it to strengthen your bowed foundation walls will make them more rigid and durable than many other materials can.

The FORTRESS carbon fiber foundation wall support system from Barrier Waterproofing Systems is the top choice for concerned homeowners in Middle Tennessee. It is made from a reinforced carbon polymer that combines the power of carbon fiber and epoxy to give a product 10X stronger than a steel strut! This system does not require any exterior digging to your landscape, as the reinforcement it adds from the inside of your structure is more than resilient enough to last for many years.

Despite these superior benefits of a carbon fiber wall support system, it is necessary to have a proper installation for it to work effectively. Bowing basement walls and foundation cracks are signs that your foundation is moderately to severely damaged. Damage to foundations is often due to an accumulation of hydrostatic pressure and the weight of the structure materials above. Therefore, installing a carbon fiber wall support system means that your wall can now withstand the pressure and protect your investments from further damage.

When left unchecked, the bowing of foundation walls can cause irreversible damage. While you still have options, call on Barrier Waterproofing Systems as your foundation experts in Middle Tennessee to diagnose the cause of your problem and recommend the appropriate remedy.

It is only by professional examination that the best solution for your wall can be found. Don’t sit on a problem if you notice signs of foundation damage whether it is on the joint lines, between blocks, escalating stair-step cracks, or growing horizontal cracks.

The versatility of a FORTRESS system will work with poured concrete, block walls, and many other custom installations. It is a low-profile repair that will look more like an ornament than a fix. It goes into the walls quickly and, once installed, can be painted over to make them nearly invisible. Call us at (615) 257-1060 for a free evaluation today.