Erosion control measures to prevent foundation erosion damage

Don’t Let Erosion Damage Your Foundation

Many people might not think of or even consider hiring someone to check their property for erosion damage. Unfortunately, if it is present, it could lead to problems down the road. It is considered necessary to repair for maintaining the structural integrity of the home.

If there are no erosion control measures in place, then huge complications like swamping, flooding, water pollution, soil loss, and damage to your house and land can occur. If you are located in the Middle TN area and have found that erosion has destroyed or greatly damaged your foundation, give Barrier Waterproofing Services a call at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168.

Foundation issues pertaining to erosion can typically occur due to the constant changing of soil conditions. Soils that more readily absorb water, areas with expansive clay, poor water drainage, and continuously changing weather conditions can all worsen erosion damage. Erosion in general can be problematic, so here is what to do if you encounter it. We will discuss how it pertains to your foundation:

What to look for when erosion is suspect:

We all know that water collecting and pooling next to and under the foundation can cause problems for your home’s structural integrity. Okay, maybe not EVERYBODY knows, but something good to know is that it can cause erosion.

You may have checked for water collection, and found it, but might not have checked for erosion. Don’t miss this step! If your home does not have an exterior drainage system, or a poorly working one, then you might want to look at getting that fixed. Downspouts that are not connected to gutters and gutters that are blocked with debris can all cause water to build up around the house. Over time, this collection of water around the foundation will cause erosion damage.

If the patio, driveway, or surrounding soil has not been properly sloped away from the house, then common sense says it is just going to run towards the house. Interestingly enough, if you are gardening and always flower your water beds near the house, that alone can cause erosion!

Sprinklers or irrigation systems placed near the home can also cause erosion. Basically, any water buildup or constant water flow can cause soil erosion, in turn causing the house foundation to settle downward.

How this effects to your foundation:

Homes with foundation settling need an evaluation from a foundation specialist that is certified to make the repair. This can create structural issues that lead to a cracked foundation, sagging floors, crooked/uneven doors, cracks in walls and drywall, and baseboards that have separated where their mitered areas meet.

A home with a slab foundation that has settled due to erosion or water damage needs reinforcement and leveling. If you are in the middle TN area, and need someone from Barrier Waterproofing Services to give your home a proper inspection, give us a call at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168.