Crawl Space Vents depicted for increase moisture intrusion

How & Why Crawl Space Vents Increase Moisture Intrusion

Crawl space vents are commonly found in many homes in Tennessee. For years, these sometimes creepy and often claustrophobic areas underneath our homes have provided space for running essential electrical lines, ductwork, and plumbing.

Additionally, crawl space vents have been proclaimed as ideal ways of promoting air circulation in the crawl space. Many homeowners don’t know that, in reality, crawl space vents may actually pose a health hazard and cause hefty property damage.

Wondering how? According to a study by Advanced Energy, crawl space vents are notorious for accumulating water, thus contributing to various moisture issues.

Consider this: within a warmer climate, hot and humid air will enter your crawl space and the earth will naturally cool it. The high humidity conditions will then cause the moisture to condensate on both the cool metal and wood surfaces. This inevitably increases the moisture in the crawl spaces as well as inside the home. This means you are unlikely to have a dry crawl space during warm seasons.

Ideally, crawl spaces should never have high humidity levels as it can cause a number of moisture issues. Your home then has a much higher chance of becoming infected with mold, which can travel up into your living spaces. You could also experience structural damage such as rotting floor joists or buckled hardwood floors.

The fact is, while the intention behind crawl space vents is good, the logic behind them is faulty. Your best bet as a homeowner is going with a closed crawl space. Closed crawl spaces, also known as encapsulated crawl spaces, experience relatively stable temperatures. These conditions minimize the potential for condensation and, consequently, crawl space moisture issues.

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