Condensation imagery about high humidity crawl space air in your home.

High Humidity In Your Crawl Space Air

High humidity can make a pleasant sunny day can make us feel miserable. We feel bogged down and can sometimes get to the point of feeling overwhelmed as if it were hard to get some fresh air. Staying indoors on a hot, humid day can help us get a reprieve. What are we to do if the systems that keep humidity out of our home aren’t doing their job properly?

Humidity makes its way into our homes one way or another. We will never be able to keep it completely out by sealing cracks and crevices or any other means. It is very possible, though, to greatly increase our defense against it with those methods.

Ultimately, it is our HVAC systems that do the work to keep our houses cool and dry. The HVAC unit naturally has to work harder with the more humidity that is in the air. Although we can’t change the weather outside in our favor, we can consider what part our crawl space might play in high humidity levels in our home.

Humid air has more access to unfinished crawl spaces beneath our home. They are less prepared to keep the outside elements out and are the quickest to become damp and moldy with time. Consequently, this moldy, musty high humidity air travels up inside of your home from the crawl space and brings all of the allergens and spores along with it.

Encapsulating your crawl space blocks it off completely from intruding moisture. This means you have a clean and dry environment that lends clean and dry air to your home. A finished crawl space helps your HVAC system work much less to keep a cooler home and leaves you feeling breezy, no matter the high humidiy weather outside.

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