Cracked concrete floro depicting freeze and thaw action causing foundation damage

Freeze and Thaw Action Can Mean A Sagging Concrete Foundation

Water is a well-known cause of damage to many homes. Whether in a liquid or frozen state, water is a real threat to buildings. This is why most building codes demand the footing to be below frost lines. While these requirements exist, however, they are the minimum requirements and may not be the ideal measurement to prevent freeze and thaw action from causing foundation damage.

When water seeps into the cracks of a concrete foundation, it can expand by up to 9%, causing stress to your foundation. Since concrete is not flexible, this pressure will cause the cracks to grow larger and eventually cause sagging floors. This is called frost heave.

Another way freeze and thaw action poses a threat to your foundation is through adfreezing. This occurs when the water in the soil expands, it acts as an adhesive and bonds the foundation to the soil. The uneven expansion of these surfaces can damage the concrete foundation and leave it in need of a foundation repair.

Damage to a foundation is structural, and in contrast to other repairs, it needs highly specialized skills. If you notice sagging floors, do not wait for the whole structure of the house to crumble down on you before you look for foundation repair services. That’s where we come in.

Our foundation repair services provide solutions for everything from garages to concrete steps to patios to entire building foundation repairs. Before we begin work, we will assess the level of damage to the concrete foundation, including any freeze and thaw action that may have been taking place. If the damage is negligible, we can recommend proactive prevention like repairing the drainage system or adding downspout extensions to take water away from the foundation.

In the event the foundation needs serious repairs, we have foundation repair solutions that can save you from having to go through a full foundation replacement.
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