Construction shot of a concrete slab foundation

Concrete Facts About A Concrete Slab Foundation Crawl Space

There are several different types of crawl spaces underneath homes all across the country, let alone Nashville, Tennessee. Some are “open” and some are “closed”, but all types can put a strain on the energy efficiency (and the well-being!) of your home if not properly sealed off from the outside elements. The same goes for homes with a concrete slab foundation.

One type of crawl space, in particular, might give off the impression that it may be more impervious from moisture than other types. This type is a concrete crawl space, and it is defined as a crawl space that has had a large slab of concrete poured along the ground inside it. The idea is that the concrete will act as a barrier in and of itself against any moisture intruding into the crawl space from the bare earth below.

This is not the case, as the moisture can still permeate the concrete slab foundation and make its way into the air of the crawl space. Of course, all of the moisture related problems come right along with it. To correct this problem, you need to install a thick and protective vapor barrier along the earth floor before laying down concrete.

A quality vapor barrier will keep the moisture out. The concrete will not only ensure that it stays in correctly, but it also provides stability for creating a living space inside of the crawl space. Lastly, there are no foundational vents in a concrete slab foundation, so homeowners often turn to insulation installation. It can help prevent energy loss from the conditions below their homes.

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