Excavation and Drainage For High Water Table Remedy

We received a call from a homeowner in Nashville, TN that was experiencing a lot of water damage destroying their beautiful home. They told a story about how they had woken up one morning to the sound of running water. Despite their best attempts to find the source of the sound, they could not find it. The odd thing was, their particular home has a main water line that runs underneath the concrete floor to the outside. This meant that their plumbing was rather secure under the foundation and that the source of the water must be elsewhere. (Our team quickly became suspicious of high water table activity.)

After spending many an hour moving baseboards and other cumbersome pieces of furniture to locate where the leak might be, they had decided to reach out to their local plumbers. It wasn’t until the plumbers could not find a source of the leaking water that they decided to call their local excavation company to take a look at where the water might be coming into their basement that was NOT due to the plumbing in their home!

Of course, the thought came along with the realization that there was a small stream of water flowing freely from under a corner of the house after a couple of days of searching. This indicator made it clear that the plumbing of the home was not the issue and that something else was at work. Our team of highly trained technicians arrived at their home to assess the situation. 

They began to trail the source of the water running out from the corner of the home and first looked to see if the structure of the home was being affected in any way, such as their basement being infiltrated with water. Luckily enough, the home was out of harm’s way, but not by much distance.

After some searching and careful digging to expose the path of the water, it was determined that the side of the home was surrounded by a high water table, or body of water from the water table far below that was separated by unsaturated earth. This high water table had become exposed over time from erosion and had begun to leak through the earth surrounding the home. This meant that every heavy rain would leave a little more water running out, and with it being so close to the house, a solution needed to be found quickly.

Our team got to work right away, trenching a new pathway for the water to follow, leading away from the home. Using heavy machinery, the earth surrounding the home was shifted in such a way that the home would be safely outside of a direct path of water. 

This would not ensure that all moisture would be stopped from intruding on the foundation of the home, however, and this meant that a complete drainage system would need to be installed around the foundational walls to eliminate the moisture.

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