Eliminate standing Water

Eliminate Standing Water Underneath Your Home

It is a rather commonly known fact that standing water has the potential to harbor and promote the growth of a host of problems.

These problems include bacteria and mold growth as well as parasites. Perhaps your family takes regular precautions to keep water from pooling up both inside and outside your home. Have you ever thought, though, of the water that might be accumulating underneath your home?

If your home has an unencapsulated crawl space, it may be at risk for moisture damage that can occur from a lack of proper waterproofing measures. Large amounts of water can collect there and create a condition for some problems to happen.

Exposed wooden structures can incur some damage as well as your family coming into contact with mold growth and other bacteria. This happens through the air that naturally comes up through the floorboards of your home when the crawl space is not properly sealed off.

Insects and other critters also like to dwell in the collecting water in dark, sheltered places. Don’t forget that mosquitoes thrive in standing water and can spread disease and viruses as well. They may not transmit the Coronavirus, but can carry other viruses.

Without further explanation, it is important to eliminate standing water from under your home. Water can enter the crawl space from under the foundation footing, through foundation walls, or through the soils due to a high water table. Utilizing one of the several following methods, Barrier Waterproofing Systems can help you achieve an improved quality of life.

Interior Drainage System

Standing water in your crawl space can be controlled with the Barrier Interior Drainage System. This is a full perimeter interior water management system that is widely accepted as a standard repair option for many crawl space issues. If an adequate slope exists away from the home, a gravity drain may be used instead of a sump pump system.

Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps function well in effectively managing moisture levels and serves great as the last line of defense against flooding. They are designed to expel water collected from drain tiles in the deep-set basin before reaching your basement or crawl space floor. When the water reaches the critical level, it is pumped outside through an underground pipe leading away from your foundation

Battery Backup Pump Systems

No one wants to deal with the inconveniences of time-consuming cleanup caused by flooding. Most flooding problems occur following severe weather episodes. For this reason, sump pump systems have been developed with reliable auxiliary power accessories. This ensures continued operation even during power failures. These battery backups and extended auxiliary power sources prevent thousands of dollars in financial material losses and structural damages.

Positive & Gravity Drains

A positive drain or gravity drain allows water to naturally drain out of the crawl space. There is no power required to remove water with this technique. This discharge style works when water travels to the lowest area within the crawl space, as this indicates there is a slope.

This water collection area is identified and caught by a drain that is installed to let it flow to an even lower level outside the foundation. If there is an inadequate slope, then a positive drain cannot be used and a sump pump will be needed. Sometimes, a sump pump system is opted for because it costs less and is easier to install.


Crawlspace encapsulation is the process of forming a barrier of protection between underneath your home and your actual living space. When this process is completed correctly, the air that exists in your crawl space is prevented from passing up into your living space. This creates a more healthy living condition for your family.

BARRIER has developed and refined common sense crawl space drainage services to keep your home dry and healthy. Each crawl space is inspected for sources of water. Once the source is identified, you will be able to select the most common-sense approach that will meet your requirements with the help of our highly trained and certified specialists. If your crawl space is harboring standing water, and you live in the Nashville area, give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168.