House utilizing foundation piering system to correct problem

DynaPier Foundation Piering with BARRIER

There is no doubt that your home is the most valuable monetary investment you can make for your family. It is the home you’ are living in that provides your family with a healthy environment and shelter from the elements. Now, what would you say if the very foundation of your investment was failing? Logic would tell you that the rest of the investment was bound to fail then, too.

If your home is experiencing foundation settlement issues, you will no doubt want the best peering system available. A solid foundation solution you can count on is paramount for the integrity of your entire house. The solution you are looking for is the DynaPier system. Being a strong combination of steel and concrete, it is a system that provides the support your foundation needs to be able to support the structure of your home.

Unlike other foundation piering systems, the DynaPier is installed centrally beneath the home’s footing, rather than outside it. Installing the piers this way makes it possible to transfer the structural load directly on top of the piers. How could the piers be installed this way, you ask? The DynaPier segments are hydraulically driven into the ground, one at a time, until each pier reaches bedrock or load-bearing strata.

Lastly, a temporary lifting platform is then attached to the DynaPier foundation piering system. This enables the structure to be lifted by the system after the strength has been established. It then draws from the support of the load bearing strata. Once the desired lift is achieved, the piers are extended to the bottom of the footing and the pier cap is then attached. This encapsulates the shims and results in a foundation far exceeding the strength of your home’s original structural integrity.

The system is fully patented and made in the heartland of the USA. They make your foundation better, ultimately increasing the quality of life in the home by increasing your confidence in the construction, security of safety, and peace of mind for your family. Give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call for at (615) 257-1060  |  (931) 536-1168 for a FREE evaluation of the condition of your home’s foundation. Our team of specialists will examine the cause of the ailments and determine the problem or problems your foundation is experiencing.

By going deep with DynaPier foundation piering, your home can be restored to the condition you feel good about housing your family in. It could even be supported with more strength and resilience than its initial construction! Don’t assume the damage is irreversible and resort to purchasing a new property, choose DynaPier!