A Dry Crawl Space Makes For A Strong Foundation

A Dry Crawl Space For A Strong Foundation

When one thinks about the foundation of their home, they might think of a solid concrete slab or thick, strong wooden support beams. They think reinforcement and structure. What conclusion could be drawn, then, about a strong foundation if it were being infiltrated by moisture and eaten up by colonies of mold growth?

We think you get the picture. Just like one particular homeowner in Nashville, Tennessee, who had called in with questions about their crawl space. They discovered that the condition of their crawl space was far from a healthy, supportive environment for the strong foundation of their home. So they called their local Barrier Waterproofing Systems.

Our team of crawl space encapsulation and repair professionals arrived at their home and started assessing the crawl space right away. The moisture levels in the air were high, and the amount of damage that had been caused by mold growing on the floor joists alone was alarming. The first order of business was to remove the mold and eliminate the invading moisture in the crawl space. Once these things were done, a thick, high quality vapor barrier lining was installed along the floor and walls.

A dehumidifier was set up and put to work to keep the crawl space at an optimal temperature and humidity. The unit would only have to do a small amount of work, as all of the previous spaces and gaps that communicated with the outside were sealed tight. The musty odors and humid air had been eliminated. Moisture intrusion would continue to be prevented from the lining installation for decades to come!

Is your crawl space, and ultimately your entire home, suffering from the deteriorating conditions of a humid crawl space? Have you spotted mold, large amounts of condensation, or even standing water in your crawl space? If so, call Barrier Waterproofing Systems today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168 for a FREE evaluation.

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