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Local Driveway Drainage Service and Repairs

Maybe we are being presumptuous when we say that driveways were meant for vehicles and not water, but we think everyone can agree that keeping your driveway dry can feel like a losing battle! Oftentimes after a lengthy downpour, the driveway is running with water from the surrounding lawn. This water can collect at a certain part of the slope and end up running into your backyard, causing unsightly erosion issues and unpleasant shifting of the soil.

A homeowner from Brentwood, TN called in to give us an account of his seemingly timeless battle against excess water to protect his property. He had decided it would take the experience of some drainage professionals with local driveway drainage service to help solve his problem. This is where we got right to work.

After scheduling a FREE evaluation, we visited the residents at their home and took a thorough look at their unfortunate situation. A channel was being created in the yard’s soil by the runoff and was surrounded by a large deadened patch where healthy grass used to be. A plan was then formed to collect water up at the higher driveway level by installing an underground pipe, also called a channel drain, to run the water back out of the yard.

The first step to install the drain was to make a cut in the asphalt and remove the portion where the drain will be inserted. Once the piece was removed, a shallow 8-inch trench was dug from the point where the drain was to be located to where the water would be discharged. This project was set up for the water to be discharged on the other side of the afflicted backyard.

Next, the channel drain piece was fitted to the concrete where the previous cut was made to efficiently collect the runoff. The drain will then attach to a run of piping that will direct the water away from the driveway. Be sure to place all pieces together tightly, ensuring all glue connections are clean and tight so there is no potential for the pipes to become infiltrated by silt, sand, or soil and become clogged.

Lastly, the space between the drain fitting and the cut made in the asphalt is important to fill up completely. This is best done with patching asphalt, as it will completely seal the empty space around the drain fitting as well as adhere the new addition to the already existing asphalt of the driveway.

Once the drainage solution was complete, the only thing left to do was to wait for the asphalt to dry before watching the channel drain get to work. This would keep the driveway clear for vehicles to come and go, not act as a highway for running rainwater.

If you are looking for driveway drainage service, Barrier Waterproofing Systems will ensure that your project is done by qualified professionals to make these problems disappear. We provide exact service, but first ensure that we help our clients understand the cause of their drainage issues. If the cause is overall avoidable, you can avoid further drainage issues or the installation of preventive solutions.

Most of the time, driveway drainage issues are beyond your control. Perhaps the natural gradient of the land is treacherous and sloping from both sides into your lot. If the yard is heavily pitched towards your driveway, it may need a comprehensive solution like grading the land. This will permit installing a French Drain to help you get rid of the water as fast as it collects.

A French Drain is a concealable pitched channel that is installed in a plot to take the water away from its lowest points. French drains are usually considered when there is no space for an exterior waterproofing system or other reasons that call for an alternative. French Drains redirect any water that runs off the driveway to main drainage channels that carry it away from the area.

This is a simple installation that requires the use of PVC piping. These drains work similarly to an exterior waterproofing system for your home, but are more suited for draining large open spaces. They are also similar in how they can be concealed in your driveways or accessorized to look like a decorative feature.

Sometimes driveway drainage issues can arise because the street is at the same elevation as your home. A solution to this problem is more complex because it is impractical to change the elevation of any preexisting structure. Some creative and masterful grading work from professionals at Barrier Waterproofing Systems will get your intruding water draining out to the right waterways. Whether it’s a gravel, tarmacked, or paved driveway, you can rest assured that we will create the proper profile for your yard. Thereafter, we can install the drainage solution to make your excess moisture problems disappear.

If your property is experiencing drainage issues (and possibly concrete foundation damage!) from excess misdirected water, give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168 today for driveway drainage service solutions!

This post was originally published on 7/30/2020 and updated on 8/24/2021 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.