Create A French Drain Rain Garden For A Truly Green Yard

Rainwater management is becoming an increasingly significant project for many homeowners. Our team here at BARRIER Waterproofing has been installing French drains in gardens across Nashville. Rainscaping techniques help to reduce flooding and runoff while returning as much water as possible to the ground in areas where it can serve as much purpose as possible.

These rain gardens address the usual runoff and flooding problems that homes without proper drainage systems experience while putting the water to work! A properly installed French drain does not only function well, but can look very aesthetic in your yard as well. Continue reading below for more information about how a rain garden equipped with one of these drains can provide a big benefit to your home.

The Runoff Issue

When it rains, the ground absorbs only a portion of the water. Much of it falls to the ground and flows into storm drains. The more impermeable surfaces (such as concrete and asphalt) there are, the more water runs off instead of soaking in.

Water gathers up garden pesticides, car oils, pet feces, and other terrible stuff as it travels through the yard and pavement. After being collected, everything gets dumped into storm drains. The untreated water then flows into freshwater rivers and streams, contaminating them. It’s even worse in some cities that utilize combined sewer overflows.

When the storm sewer can’t handle the amount of runoff, it overflows into the sanitary sewer, washing untreated sewage into our waterways (and sometimes backing it up into our basements). Stormwater runoff is indicated by pooling, erosion, and channels cut through your lawn or beds.

A Long-Term Solution

Rainwater runoff occurs when rainwater travels away from the point of origin. The solution is to obtain as much rainfall as possible to penetrate back into the ground. Rainscaping is a set of practices for managing stormwater as close to its source of entry as possible, rather than diverting it elsewhere.

People used to control the water by diverting it away from their homes using pipes, French drains, and other high-cost, high-infrastructure methods. The good news is that you can often simply handle runoff problems with a shovel and the correct plants with rainscaping techniques. These methods are less expensive and create a more environmentally friendly approach.

Slow down, Spread out, and Take it all in.

Rainscaping involves a comprehensive approach, very similar to that of a regular French drain installation! We examine your entire landscape to determine where the water originates, pools, and drains. Our goal is to take things slowly to ensure that the best possible placement of the drainage system is achieved. Our process looks something like this:

  • Water that is traveling too quickly can’t be absorbed by the ground. We cause it to travel over stones after traveling through the swales and slopes, channeling it through densely planted areas to slow it down.
  • We want to spread water over as much surface area as possible because each bit of soil can only take so much water. This is where a French drain is employed to transport the water to where it can soak in. 
  • A dry stream bed helps to direct water during heavy rains by providing several paths for it to flow through. From there, water can be made to flow into a French drain rain garden by directing it through planted swales.

Choosing a French drain rain garden for your yard can ensure that as much water as possible is returned to the land. These shallow depressions are designed to temporarily store water until it can soak into the earth, which normally happens within 24 hours following a rain storm. Native plants are widely planted that aid in the filtering of dirt and toxins. They don’t harbor mosquitoes like swampy areas since they dry off sooner and have much more flow activity.

Another tip for improving the filtration of your rain garden is to plant deep-rooted native plants and replace turf grass with mixed plantings. This enriches the soil with compost and mulch so it can store even more water.

Do You Have A Dream To Rainscape Your Yard?

We will be happy to assist you in making smart, long-term rainwater management decisions by offering professional French drain installation. Our goal as your local Professional Waterproofing Experts in Tennessee is to correctly handle the frequent moisture intrusion concerns with your property and allow you to further improve the quality of the environment inside and outside your home. 

BARRIER Waterproofing Systems will extensively analyze your basement or crawl space extensively to see where improvements can be made based on your specific needs. We’ll use this information to design a strategy for effectively addressing your water leak, mold growth, and foundation damage issues.

Our unique approach blends accountability and good service. We strive for the most efficient results that will improve the atmosphere for your family and encourage the well-being of your home’s foundation, just as we would for our own. Give us a call today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168 and schedule your FREE evaluation to begin the yard project of your dreams.