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Crawl Space Lighting Solutions

A clean, encapsulated, crawl space lighting job is a sight to behold. A homeowner in Nashville, Tennessee had a crawl space that at first was anything but, and decided they wanted to transform it. They decided to give their local Barrier Waterproofing team a call, and a quick and easy FREE evaluation revealed a host of problems. These would need to be remedied in order to get their crawl space in good condition, including the lack of crawl space lighting.

The crawl space was suffering from a multitude of symptoms such as moisture intrusion. This was causing problems like a high level of humidity, standing water, mold growth, and deteriorated insulation. The future of this crawl space looked bad, as the floor joists would soon become compromised from being fed on by the mold and further weakened by moisture absorption. As you can probably tell, the number one priority for this job was to remove all moisture from the crawl space.

Once all of the standing water and insulation was removed, the mold growth was then eliminated. A dehumidifier assisted with evacuating any residual moisture. Installing a thick, high quality vapor barrier lining around the walls and floor supports of the crawl space set up a fine protection. The insulation was replaced with high grade insulation board that would not fall apart. All seams were sealed tight and the encapsulation from intruding moisture was complete. The light bulb was replaced and, just like that, the crawl space lighting reflected that of a happy, healthy home!

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