Crawl Space Conditioning Before and After

Crawl Space Conditioning & Repair

Clarksville, Tennessee is where you can find a home with a crawl space that needs some repairs. The homeowner of a crawl space may look to fix it up when selling their home so that they could increase its value when putting it up on the market. One particular homeowner gave our team of crawl space conditioning professionals a call and asked what services we could perform to transform their crawl space.

After traveling to their home and performing a FREE evaluation, they were provided with a list of recommended repairs and encapsulation options. The suggested services would fix up the space under their home and impress the potential buyer. They chose crawl space conditioning, and our team got right to work. No mold removal was necessary, but the clumps of deteriorating, moist insulation needed to be taken out and replaced with hardy insulation board.

The crawl space was lined with a thick, high quality vapor barrier membrane and sealed tight to prevent water intrusion. This process will not only prepare the crawl space for the home selling process, but will ensure that the new owners will have a happy, healthy crawl space conditioning well through their whole lifetime!

Are you trying to sell your home and want to have the highest chance of making a sale? Don’t forget that the space underneath your home is also important even though it is one of the least seen places. Encapsulating your crawl space adds value to your home and speaks volumes about the level of care you have taken. Give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168 for a FREE evaluation and to take one more step towards home selling victory!