Unsecured tent imagery for common signs of foundation damage issues

Common Signs of Foundation Damage Issues

We think it would be safe to say there are some very enjoyable parts of planning, preparing, and packing a camping trip. Then again, there are also some not so enjoyable parts!

For example, the fun of deciding what activities your family will enjoy around the nature trails versus assessing the condition of the family tent. Once the tent comes out, the next couple of hours are more than likely filled with struggling with all of the poles, strings, and flailing wires.

Imagine if your home had the same characteristics of the tent. Would you feel safe and secure inside? Would it be good for the health of your family inside? Staying a few nights in the tent on the campsite sounds like fun, but imagine leaving for work from or coming home from school to it!

That being said, you know you will end up coming home to the secure walls and clean environment of your house after the camping trip. Did you ever consider, however, the condition of your home that you can’t see, such as the foundation beneath your floors?

As strong, straight, and tall as a house may seem from the outside (or from the confines of your comfortable living room) your foundation can be in trouble. Variables like the surrounding soil and weather conditions around it can have negative effects.

One example is the shifting of the soil outside the walls. This may for a few different reasons:

  • Large amounts of moisture can wash the soil away
  • Creates a weakness when the water drains away from the soil
  • Creates an immense pressure when the soil becomes saturated

All of these changes can cause the foundation to shift. Another way this can happen is from insect infestations that are eating away at the stability of the structure of your home.

If any of these things are affecting the foundation of your home, it is in need of regaining its support. Barrier Waterproofing Systems works to regain that support by installing the solutions your home needs.

Do you notice any of the common signs of foundation damage below in your home?

  • Doors that stick or are hard to open
  • Sloping, uneven floors,
  • Cracking in plaster walls
  • Nail pops in walls and ceilings
  • Spaces around windows and door trim
  • Sinking floor joists
  • Bouncing floors
  • Concrete slab sinking or cracked up
  • Caulk lines separating around cabinets and counters

More severe damage can most often be repaired by installing a series of adjustable stabilizers that allow the structure to be lifted and supported evenly. If your home shows any of these common signs of foundation damage (or your commercial building!) and you live in the Nashville area, give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-116.