Wet concrete foundation floor depicting moisture intrusion

Can Moisture Intrusion Come from My Concrete Foundation Floor?

A concrete foundation is indeed made to last. That said, they have vulnerabilities that, if not worked around, the concrete may break down and put the entire structure of the building at risk. Concrete is a porous material by design, and through hydrostatic pressure, capillary action, or water vapor gradient, water can rise through a concrete foundation. There is a lot of moisture in groundwater, and if the foundation is below grade, the risk of moisture intrusion heightens.

Moisture intrusion occurs gradually, and when you start seeing its effects, it’s probably already late. If you have an unprotected concrete floor, the effects of moisture intrusion can manifest itself as cracked floors in crawl spaces. When that happens, you may also notice flaking or pitting action called spalling, formally indicating that your crawl space may be having a moisture problem. Moisture intrusion in the crawl space causes increased humidity, this will often encourage the growth of mold which thrives in high humidity. It might also cause the paint to delaminate, discolor or leave a white residue to grow

To reduce the effects of moisture intrusion in the concrete foundation, waterproofing is highly recommended. If the foundation is below grade, waterproofing will help to keep it intact by mitigating the negative effects of hydrostatic pressure. Besides, concrete is also susceptible to chemicals in the soil around it and water is a medium that can transport some of these chemicals to the foundation.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to install a waterproofing membrane. The membrane will reduce the penetration of water and other liquids that may pose a danger to the concrete. Aside from just preventing moisture intrusion in the foundation and crawlspaces, a waterproofing membrane will also act as partial insulation in the crawl space. This will improve the building’s energy efficiency and air quality.

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