Cracked foundation walls below a home imagery for bowed and cracked foundation walls

Bowed and Cracked Foundation Walls Signs of Damage

We will quickly get to the point of today’s post, since when you see the crawl space or basement walls bowing in and breaking down, you already know there is something wrong!

The strength and integrity of your foundation are lacking while at the same time trying to hold the home up properly. There comes a point once they have become compromised that they will lose their ability to do so. As a foundation repair and waterproofing system company, we are primarily concerned with what is causing your faulty foundation. We strive to can be remedied by these services.

One reason your foundation walls might be having a tough time is the buildup of hydro-static pressure behind them. An excess amount of moisture can continue to collect on your property from rainfall and other factors. The soil around your home absorbs as much moisture as it can and swells. This exerts pressure that then forces the foundation walls inward, and makes them bowed or cracked foundation walls.

This process might happen over a long period of time that, at first, you may not notice right away. Your walls might already have been compromised and simply cave in without much time passing by. Either way, repairs are crucial to getting the foundation of your home back on track and able to do its job.

There are a few different methods our team of specialists can use to repair bowed or cracking walls.

After evaluating the condition of your structure they will determine what will serve as the most effective solution. This is the process Barrier Waterproofing Systems follows to repair your foundational walls:

1. Bowed walls are often caused by moisture intrusion, so the repair process oftentimes includes exterior waterproofing. The waterproofing process includes excavating the soil away from the sides of the home to correct the formation of the walls. The walls can then be core-filled to help prevent any future movement.
2. In the event that the walls are not bowing too badly, core-filling the walls alone might stop the bowing from getting any worse.
3. In more problematic cases, both carbon fiber strapping or steel bracing can be used to help with support. The concrete bowed or cracked foundation walls of your basement or crawl space will need it! Carbon Fiber Wall Support Systems are both durable and minimally invasive.

Don’t risk the investment in your home by failing to address this very important issue! Consultation and estimates are always free of charge, so give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168 and schedule an evaluation. We will help determine the best course of action to take with the help of our trained professionals.