Benefits of Commercial Property Drainage Services

Homeowners across the country are benefiting from drainage service companies for keeping their homes safe from the damages caused by moisture intrusion to the foundation of their homes. This benefit, however, is not only limited to residential properties. Commercial businesses can benefit from commercial property drainage services as well. This article will describe how a drainage service company can remedy an issue that is causing a parking lot to become flooded. 

Cities that are more prone to chronic flooding have most likely implemented tax bills that help pay for upgraded construction on stormwater systems. Sometimes billions of dollars are put into solutions for keeping parking lots and commercial properties dry! If the problems are not dealt with, water troubles would make things a lot more difficult for businesses and consumers alike, as well as additional costs of rectifying damage. Below are a few more ways standing water on your parking lot can cause trouble:

Toxic Runoff 

Water is not the only thing that coats the parking lot of a commercial property. The vehicles that come in and out all day are discharging toxic chemicals such as gasoline, anti-freeze, oil, and brake fluids. A leaking vehicle will often leave large puddles on the asphalt. These chemical byproducts and natural wastes collect in the rainwater that gathers in the lot and are deposited elsewhere on the property by way of the runoff. 

Lakes of Liability 

The possibility of accidents increases substantially when water is pooled in a parking lot. The probability of a driver losing control of their vehicle and skidding across pooled water is heightened. A crowded parking lot means that multiple vehicles are bound to be damaged in a single accident. Water that has become mixed with large amounts of oil or other liquids, or has become ice, can easily cause someone to slip and injure themselves. Your property is ultimately liable for any damages to vehicles or pedestrians, and could easily mean property owners will have to pay thousands of dollars to rectify those damages. 

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