Image of a dehumidifier to depict crawl space humidity level

What Is An Ideal Crawl Space Humidity Level and Why?

Different types of home foundations require different types of maintenance, especially crawlspace foundations. A crawlspace is the space underneath your home. It typically has a gravel or dirt floor and the compact space most of the time is not tall enough for a standing adult. Most constructions use the crawlspace to raise the home above the base flood elevation to prevent homes from being submerged in case of floods.

That being the case, most crawl spaces also become areas of high humidity. Controlling the humidity levels is a critical part of preventing mold growth to prevent infestation. Likewise, because of the Stack Effect, the air quality in the house may be affected by the basement humidity. This is even more reason to keep it in check!

A healthy crawl space is supposed to maintain an ideal crawl space humidity level between 10% and 16% to keep indoor air quality high. With high humidity, you are likely to experience a foul smell from the crawlspace, wood rot, or mold and mildew growth in your insulation, which will likely cause respiration issues.

The crawl space humidity level varies with the ambient humidity. You may also experience high crawlspace humidity from groundwater evaporation, leaking underground pipes, and even air from the ventilation. It requires a specific crawl space humidity level to exist comfortably in your home, and a crawl space dehumidifier saves the day in particularly humid climates.

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