Woman with tissues feeling ill from crawl space bacteria

Contaminated Crawl Space Bacteria and Viruses

Crawl spaces can provide a home with either a pleasant, arid space for storage or living quarters. It can also contribute a hefty amount of crawl space bacteria and viruses into the air your family breathes. If it is not taken care of, the soil in the crawl space can contribute so much moisture that a whole host of negative living conditions can be created. If the soil becomes contaminated with any pathogens, your health can be affected!

One common way this contamination can occur is when an issue causes raw sewage to pool underneath the home in your crawl space. A plumbing pipe that usually transports sewage away from the house, but has broken, can leak sewage onto the floor of the crawl space. While this disaster remains under the house, it creates the opportunity for those in the home to become sick since bacteria and viruses can collect there.

Getting the pipe repaired is the first and foremost important thing to do, and then next most important to get the existing mess cleaned properly. If your crawl space floor is exposed soil, the sewage can have settled in for a few inches as it mixes with the soil. It is best to seek a professional for the help of removing the contaminated soil, but there are ways to perform a DIY removal that can do the trick.

During this time in the world, nearly everyone is aware of the dangers of the Coronavirus and the problems it can cause if you or your family become infected. They are coming together to find shelter in their homes for safety from the spreading problem. The last thing you may be thinking about is crawl space bacteria, since it is somewhere that not many people are aware of that can cause significant problems in your home such as poor air quality or destruction of the structure of your home.

This could mean that as everyone is sheltered in your home, and there exists a growing mass of raw sewage, they could be being exposed to the infectious materials, including common viruses, that can reside there.

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