Underground Utilities Safety During Excavation Services – Nashville, TN

One might not think of the amount of work that goes into the beautiful playground scene or pond feature they are looking at in their friend’s backyard, but it does! Excavation services and grading services are an essential part of any large outdoor project to get it done right. Relevant structures require the proper foundation to last and function correctly, as well as the right angle and slope for that foundation to remain intact over a long period of time.

This takes a team of professional construction technicians like here at BARRIER to work their expertise with heavy machinery and the work it takes. That being said, we will go over one main underground utilities safety consideration necessary to keep our team safe during the job.

A high-priority consideration to make before, during, and after a grading and excavation services project is the location of underground utilities. Underneath the soil of both residential homes and commercial businesses lie many more workings of the structure and functionality of your home. Aside from more foundation construction, this is an array of cables, wires, pipes, and more that deliver water and electricity and other substances to and from your home. 

Laying pipes underground requires excavation work that can create quite a dangerous situation if any of these lines are dug into, especially an electric line. Before work begins, our team will properly identify and isolate the location of these utilities to keep anyone from being harmed or putting the residents of the property at risk. The supervisor will instruct the team to take the precautions necessary that are deemed by the site conditions. This includes the locating and marking of underground utilities using industry equipment to safely locate and isolate them.

Another way to promote the safety of the team and everyone else involved in the project is the use of insulated tools. If accidental contact with powerlines does happen, these tools will greatly decrease the risk of injury to the worker. Any presence, however, of underground utilities that are discovered without having first been marked and isolated are reported to the team and dealt with accordingly. 

If your home or residential property is in need of grading and excavation work, don’t go it alone! We promote DIY projects for independent homeowners that like to get the job done, but some safety risks are present underneath every residential home and commercial property. If you are in need of grading and excavation work, give our team of professionals at BARRIER a call at (615) 257-1060  |  (931) 536-1168 today.