Hot air balloon symbol for representing the stack effect

Stack Effect in Nashville Crawl Spaces

No, this is not a title to an upcoming blockbuster film. The Stack Effect refers to how air flows in and out of your home as it is related to a poorly insulated or poorly sealed crawlspace.

The Stack Effect phenomenon can occur in both hot and cold weather conditions. The reason for this is because the contrast we try to make against the weather conditions outside from inside the home. Most common of which is turning up and down the thermostat. The difference of the temperature of the air inside the home to the air outside is what sets the Stack Effect into motion.

Cool air has a heavy density while warm air has a lesser density. Think of the air inside of a hot air balloon and how the pilot adjusts the flame to both ascend and descend. The hot air your HVAC system works hard to fill your home with rises up until, in the event of a poorly insulated attic, it finds its way outside.
“What goes up is followed by the down” in this case. This means the cold air that sits in your crawl space is pulled up if no insulation or encapsulation has yet been installed.

Completing your attic alone won’t be enough to prevent the Stack Effect. This is because your crawl space is a significant source of the air seeping up into your home. Having your crawl space insulated and or encapsulated keeps out unwanted air and other ailments that commonly affect many homeowners. Some of these common ailments are mold and mildew, as well as contaminants in the air from animal waste that can accumulate there.

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