Professional Exterior Waterproofing Service

The Pros And Cons Of Exterior Waterproofing Installation

External waterproofing experts will dig up to the footings of your foundation, repair cracks, waterproof the exterior wall with a spray-on solution or membrane, and install a drainage system to direct water away from your home. Water won’t make it into your basement with a properly installed exterior waterproofing system in place. Exterior waterproofing contractors may also install a sump pump and dehumidifier.

Below you will find the pros and cons of exterior waterproofing installation for homeowners across the country:


  • Assists with exterior drainage. Waterproofing coatings applied to the exterior of basement walls let water flow into external drainage systems such as French drains, which is an apparent benefit.
  • Reduces basement wall cracks and seepage. An effective waterproofing exterior foundation coating will plug cracks and prevent water from seeping into the structure.


  • Doesn’t take into account humidity. While an outside waterproofing system may typically keep water out of the basement, it does little to address the issue of humidity, which can contribute to mold growth.
  • The usual outdoor waterproofing approach necessitates the application of a coating or waterproof sheeting to the exterior of the basement walls. If you want to waterproof an existing home, you’ll have to dig up the area surrounding it, apply the waterproofing solution of your choosing to the foundation, and then replace the ground. This process is highly successful, yet best executed by professional excavators and waterproofing experts.
  • Time-consuming. Excavating soil around the foundation, applying waterproofing to the external walls, and finally reinstalling the ground surrounding your property are all steps in the exterior waterproofing process. There’s also the added task of replacing grass or other landscaping in the excavated area. These systems are also incredibly labor demanding and take a lot more effort than other systems, again, calling for professional involvement for optimal results.

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