The Benefits Your Home Receives When You Choose To Encapsulate Crawl Space

Despite the fact that the crawl space serves a crucial function in many homes, it is common for homeowners to overlook them, much to their detriment! Neglect can lead to water damage, excessive energy bills, mold growth, and pest infestation, among other things. All of these factors combine to make modern living a less-than-pleasant experience. Encapsulation, fortunately, can help turn things around.

The option to encapsulate crawl space is a sealing technique that comprises overlapping sheets of thick polyethene plastic enclosing the foundation walls and floor. This forms an airtight vapor barrier, keeping moisture from coming in contact with the subfloor. A contractor can install a dehumidifier to control moisture levels depending on a person’s location. The entire procedure takes a couple of days to complete. Let us read more about how to encapsulate crawl space of your home in this article:

Why Is It Necessary to Enclose Crawl Spaces?

Up to 50% of your home’s air might escape through your crawl space. This makes it necessary to maintain a clean and dry crawl space as possible. Installing a crawl space vapor barrier and dehumidifier is usually regarded as the most effective technique to enhance indoor air quality and save energy.

Many homeowners enclose their crawl spaces to keep the moisture out since water vapor seeps from the ground (even through cement).

The Advantages of Building a Vapor Barrier

  • Air quality in your crawl space and home has improved.
  • Pests and wood-destroying insects won’t be able to thrive in this environment.
  • It makes it possible to live in a more comfortable environment.
  • Avoid fungus/mold problems as well as structural damage.
  • Your home will be more energy-efficient.

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation, and How Does It Work?

Crawl spaces are often encapsulated, or at the very least sealed, to prevent indoor moisture problems. Encapsulation is similar to the lining used to prevent leaks in swimming pools.

A thick polyethene barrier is installed to completely cover your crawl space, including the flooring, foundation walls, and occasionally even the ceiling.

The most effective water vapor barrier is one that completely covers your crawl space and uses sealing tape to join the barrier sections.

The final step of encapsulation is managing the air to maintain a healthy humidity level once your area is totally sealed. The most typical approach to achieve this is to use a dehumidifier to control the moisture level in your crawl area.

This combination of a moisture barrier and a dehumidifier protects the crawl area from excess moisture and the problems that come with it.

Who Should Take Crawl Space Encapsulation Into Account?

Excess moisture and water vapor can cause various issues in your home. Moisture from the ground can flow through the foundation and into your home because water vapor can pass through porous cement.

The following are some of the most common reasons why people decide to enclose their crawl space:

  • In the basement, there is mold, mildew, and a musty odor.
  • Floors that are soft or that separate
  • Cooling costs are high
  • Insulation that is wet
  • Condensation on windows is a common occurrence.
  • Problems with insects

What should you know about us?

A vapor barrier on the floor and walls protects a crawl space from moisture in Encapsulate Crawl Space.

In Middle Tennessee, open crawl areas are found in around 85% of homes. The term “open crawl space” refers to a foundation with a dirt floor that is either exposed or partially covered. Crawl spaces that are open are hazardous to both your home and your health!

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