Superior Driveway Replacement & Repair Services

As the first part of your house that is encountered from the street, your driveway serves as an introduction to your home. It also takes on a brunt load of traffic from everyone coming to and from the home, as well as the occasional game of basketball. Worn-out and damaged driveways can be easily replaced with strong and beautiful driveways that will last a long time. Our team of dedicated professionals can offer the quality driveway replacement excavation services necessary to make sure the job is done right.

The first step for working on a driveway that needs replacing is to enlist the help of a local professional excavation service. Using the proper machinery, our team performs the uprooting of the old driveway for removal, as well as relocating any large and unwanted debris like rocks or other materials. This will ensure that your new driveway is smooth and strong enough to last several more years.

All of the material removal leaves behind large spaces that need to be filled properly. With the use of precise heavy machinery, our crew installs the base of the driveway a fitting layer of easily draining soils for the base of the driveway installation. The driveway is then installed over the soil and smoothed to an attractive and functional surface.

Driveway drainage is a crucial consideration both before and during installation. If not done properly, the durability of your driveway will be compromised and greatly reduce its lifespan. An appropriate slope is key for helping water to run off and away from the driveway. Any moisture that is able to penetrate through to the supporting soils of the driveway can cause erosion or other damage if it is able to freeze and expand there.

Perhaps the most important is a reliable contractor for the job! It can be an expensive job depending on the customization and any additional unique variables, so you will want to work with someone that knows what to expect and how to solve problems with the project. Give BARRIER a call at (615) 257-1060  |  (931) 536-1168 for more information about our driveway replacement excavation services as well as our residential and commercial foundation, basement excavation, and drainage systems services.