Contractor Sealing Out Moisture In Crawl Space

Sealing Out Moisture, Mold Growth & More

A couple in Nashville, Tennessee increased their awareness of the amount of energy they used in their home. They went through and made the appropriate adjustments to increase the energy efficiency of their home. Right away they noticed a significant difference when they had someone go through their home and seal up open gaps and spaces.

When it came to sealing out moisture from their crawl space, however, they decided to contact a crawl space specialist. This was a great idea, seeing as how the crawl space of a home provides different challenges one might not find in a completed living space of a home.

Our local crawl space repair and encapsulation professionals visited their home and performed a FREE evaluation. What they discovered was that the crawl space was in definite need of some adequate sealing out moisture to increase the home’s energy efficiency. Additionally, it would help prevent the mold growth and moisture buildup that had begun to accumulate in their crawl space!

Work began as soon as possible, removing the current mold growth and moisture from the air. Once the crawl space environment had dried out, any rips or tears in the previously installed vapor barrier were repaired and sealed off. Otherwise, any more external seals would prove futile since moisture can be communicated directly from the dirt (or concrete!) floor of a crawl space. Next, all of the gaps and cracks that communicated with the outside weather were sealed tight.

After every hole, crack, gap, tear, and space was adequately sealed, the Barrier Waterproofing team explained to the couple the additional benefits of sealing out moisture. These include preventing adverse temperatures, moisture, and pests from the outside environment. Within the next two months, the couple felt assured about the increase in their home’s energy efficiency and quality of health of their home.

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