Professional French Drain Installation For Yard Drainage

Like nearly every job out there, if it is done poorly, it will result in poor outcomes. Yard drainage system installation is no different. Knowing the variables of what makes a professional french drain installation done poorly will also help with knowing how to do it right. Usually, this comes through experience, however, with the vast amount of information available to nearly every homeowner today, the tips listed below could help grow your insight on the job. Once you know what to look for, you might also feel more confident in choosing your next local professional excavation and trenching service team like BARRIER.

Backfilling is not Best

Hauling away all of the dirt that is displaced from the trenching necessary to install the yard drainage systems is indeed an expense. It is an expense that contractors often want to avoid, however, when the dirt is backfilled into the trenches, the expense is then on the functionality of the drainage system. Filling the drainage system trench with stone will make all the difference as opposed to little to no percolation from the soil that was already causing a drainage problem in the first place. 

Quality Drainage Fabric, Not Quantity

Having a high quality drainage fabric for completing the trench system is important. If your contractor has gotten their materials based on convenience, like a mediocre supplier from the internet for example, chances are the material will not stand up to the test of time. A proper, nonwoven geotextile fabric will allow the water to flow through to be drained away from the yard without effort!

High Rise Pipes are Haneous

When basins are used for installing drain pipes in the trenches of your yard drainage systems, take into account how high the pipes are off of the ground. If a pipe is too high up off the ground, and your climate permits, allowing the water room to collect will cause large ice cubes in freezing weather. The piped need to rest along the bottom of the trench to ensure that all of the water is kept moving along.

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