Photo of frozen pipes in an open or unencapsulated crawl space

Prevent Frozen Pipes with Professional Crawl Space Encapsulation

“Frozen pipes” would be one of those phrases you would see at the top of a list of Most Aggravating Home Repairs to have to make. This is because frozen pipes most often lead to burst or broken pipes. This is also because of the complications burst or broken pipes cause- water leaking inside or underneath the home can cause further damage to the surrounding structure or foundation.

Now you may be thinking by now why this article is being featured here and not on your local plumbing professional’s website. You may very well read from their blogs all about how to winterize your pipes or to make DIY repairs on them. That being said, you won’t much find material explaining the importance of taking care of your crawl space where those very pipes are exposed. An open or unencapsulated crawl space is simply inviting problems for your problem during the cold weather months.

Insulating your pipes is a good idea, especially for cold weather region homes, whether your crawlspace is open or not. However, an open crawl space creates such a challenge for regulating the temperature underneath your home, insulation for your pipes is a must-have. This is not the case with a well and professionally encapsulated crawl space. Don’t forget, the cold air that collects in an open crawl space affects the temperature of the floor above it as well, creating some very cold feet!

During a traditional and professional crawl space encapsulation, a high quality and resistant foam board is installed around the perimeter of the inside of the space. Any open vents and moisture that had been seeping in is sealed off. This creates not only a moisture barrier but a thermal one as well, keeping the cold air out. Your crawl space will remain dry and conditioned.

A conditioned crawl space that holds your air ducts will regularly remain the same temperature as you have called for the house to be. If your ducts are outside the crawl space, the air underneath will still prove to be warmer than the surrounding outside air, as the air is no longer able to flow freely underneath your home. The foam boards create an insulation factor that also helps.

With these factors in place, any plumbing found in your crawl space can rest easy as fall and winter approach with no worries of frozen pipes. They will be protected from the freezing temperatures, alongside anything else in your crawl space. If you would like to improve the quality of the space underneath your home, give Barrier Waterproofing Systems a call today at (615) 257-1060 | (931) 536-1168 for a FREE quote.